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Elden Ring: How to Fix ‘Connection Error Returning to Your World’ Error

What to do when you can't get back to your world in Elden Ring.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Elden Ring How to Fix ‘Connection Error Returning to Your World’ Error

Elden Ring is a great way to train your nerves and patience. This stress test in a form of an open-world Souls-like RPG has amassed a huge fan base since its release in early 2022. In addition to an enormous world and a ton of challenging bosses in single-player mode, Elden Ring has brought online features where in Souls-style players can break into other people’s games and help them down the boss, for example. If you frequently have disconnects in this mode or receive a “Connection Error Returning to Your World” message, see the guide below for possible solutions to this common problem.

Elden Ring: How to Fix ‘Connection Error Returning to Your World’ Error

Here are some of the possible solutions for this issue that is most common in the PC version. To fix the “Connection Error Returning to Your World” in Elden Ring, try some of the following methods:

Check Your Connection and Elden Ring Server Status

First of all, check your Internet connection – if you are offline you won’t be able to join other players’ games. Try the usual: reset your router or connect to another WiFi or wired connection. You can even try to change your DNS server settings.

Aside from you having network problems, this error message might be caused by the Elden Ring server itself, so if your friends can’t join your game or vice versa, it could be because the server is acting up or under scheduled maintenance. Since there is no real way to check this, the only solution is to try again later. If the problem persists, check the other possible solution below.

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Try Disabling the Voice Chat in Elden Ring

For some reason, voice chat can cause connection problems in Elden Ring. If the game fails to connect you to voice chat for any reason, you will probably get the “Connection Error Returning to Your World” message. To work around that, especially if you don’t use in-game voice chat, disable it in the settings under the network tab and check if that solves the issue.

If nothing helps, play it solo and wait for FROM Software to sort things out – they are aware of the issue but unfortunately, various problems with the online modes in all of their PC releases are notorious by this point. Hopefully, they will find a way to fix it for good.

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