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Best Katanas in Elden Ring: Katana Tier List

These ones were folded over 9,000 times.

by Nikola L

Katanas are very unique sword-type weapons in Elden Ring, which can inflict the (in)famous Hemorrhage Status Effect on your foes, dealing absurd amounts of damage. Katanas, of course, like in real life, have thrusting and slashing attacks. They can also be modified with Ashes of War. Here are the best Katanas in Elden Ring.

Which Katana is the Best in Elden Ring?

Well, unfortunately, the Katana count in Elden Ring is pretty low at this moment so there are not many of them to sort out in tiers, but a couple of them really stand out from the crowd, both positively and negatively. If you want to look through all of the weapons and the Tier List we made for all Elden Ring weapons, head to this article.

S Tier

  • Moonveil – Somewhere between S and A tier. Transient Moonlight looks kind of gimmicky even though it’s great.
  • Rivers of Blood – Don’t worry, this one got patched. We are aware that it was garbage before. Try it out, let the Katana do the talking.
  • Uchigatana – It provides a great deal of Bleed damage and can be upgraded very well.

A Tier

  • Dragonscale Blade – It looks fancy and has visually appealing special effects, but this is not an art contest.
  • Hand of Malenia – We’d put Hand of Malenia in the S Tier but we’re mad that you can only get it near the end of the game, so there is only a small time frame in which you can enjoy it.
  • Meteoric Ore Blade – Very nice, but the slowness of Gravitas pushes it down into A Tier when compared to the current S Tier picks.

B Tier

  • Nagakiba – If we were talking PvP, Nagakiba would easily go to A or even S Tier due to its long range.

C Tier

  • Serpentbone Blade – The only reason this is here is that it traded the Bleed effect for the Poison effect (and we know how potent Bleed builds are).

Katanas may or may not fit your playstyle, but we suggest you try them out anyway – you might find success with them.

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