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Echo Mesa Destiny 2 Guide – How to Get This Emblem

by Ginny Woo

Now that the Dawning festivities have officially concluded, we’re starting to turn to other activities in Destiny 2 while we wait for the next content drop. If you’re someone who likes collecting things, why not take a crack at trying to get your mitts on a Legendary emblem? Check out our Echo Mesa Destiny 2 guide for some help on how to get this one.

Echo Mesa Destiny 2 Guide – How to Get This Emblem

If you’re after the Echo Mesa Legendary emblem, it might be because you’ve been kicking around on Io. If you’re new to this whole thing, though, people generally find the emblem useful because it tracks the number of Ghost Scans, Region Chests, and Lost Sectors that have been discovered in the area. Emblems can track a whole bunch of different things, but collectors will appreciate this one in particular.

To get the Echo Mesa Destiny 2 emblem, you’re going to have to complete activities on Io and improve your reputation. You may well get it from an Io reputation package at some point while you’re gallivanting around the place and chatting to Asher Mir, but if that hasn’t happened for you quite yet and you’ve been working on it, you’ll be pleased to know that on your tenth reputation package it’s a guaranteed drop.

We don’t reckon this is too hard to get as long as you stick with it. The emblem can also come in the following variants:

  • Traveler’s Departure
  • Asher’s Asylum
  • Taken Resurgence
  • Ignition Unsparked

That’s really all there is to it if you’re wanting to unlock the Echo Mesa Destiny 2 Legendary emblem, so make your way over to everyone’s favorite grumpy Warlock and get exploring. Need a hand with anything else about being a Guardian? We’ve put together some handy tips and tricks for your viewing pleasure so that you can hop right back into things after dusting off all the powdered sugar from your Dawning indulgence:

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