Destiny 2 Enemies of the Traveler – Annihilator Bounty Enemy Guide

So, the visage of Calus has tasked you with killing some Destiny 2 enemies of the Traveler. Not sure which mobs meet the criteria? We'll make it really simple.

So, you’re trying to knock out some bounties in Destiny 2. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. It’s not always clear as to what one needs to do to clear certain bounties, and the waters get even muddier when they involve things like multikills. Got a bounty to take out some Destiny 2 enemies of the Traveler but not sure what counts? Our guide should help you.

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Destiny 2 Enemies of the Traveler – Annihilator Bounty Enemy Guide

So you have a bounty to complete which requires you to take out mobs classed as enemies of the Traveler – specifically you have to get 15 multikills against these enemies. We’re betting that you’ve got to complete the Annihilator bounty that the Visage of Calus hands out. Now, if you’re unsure which opponents kicking around in the overworld of Destiny 2 will count towards this, we’ve got some advice.

There are two locations in particular that we reckon work well if you’re wanting to complete the Annihilator bounty and to get some kills on some Destiny 2 enemies of the Traveler: Aphelion’s Rest, and gunning through Escalation Protocol. The Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector in the Dreaming City is a place where you can probably knock out a few of the multikills that you require. It’s in the Strand, close to where you find Petra, and you’ll just have to keep an eye out by Thrall – culling them in groups will count towards the bounty.

Another method, as mentioned, is to rely on Escalation Protocol and hang out until the Hive enemies group before killing them in waves. This is probably the most efficient way to actually knock out all the multikills that you need to get for the Annihilator bounty, and involves less traversing since they’ll basically come to you. Whatever your chosen method, hitting up either one (or both) of these places is going to ensure that you get kills on Destiny 2 enemies of the Traveler, which will sort you regardless.

Now that you’ve got this guide in hand, fulfilling the visage of Calus’ demands should be pretty easy. Need help with anything else in Destiny 2? Maybe with one of The Spider’s bounties instead? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you:

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