If you recall us raving about the Devil's Ruin recently, then good news! You weren't hallucinating. This particular weapon is a walk in the park to add to your collection in Destiny 2, though if you're having any doubts, we do have a step-by-step guide on it. That being said, one part of the questline involves finding Timelost Fragments. Check out our Twilight Gap Destiny 2 guide for tips on where these Fragments are in that particular location.

Twilight Gap Destiny 2 Parts Long Lost Guide - Devil's Ruin

The bit of the A Lost Relic Exotic quest that involves you looking for Timelost Fragments in the Twilight Gap is called Parts Long Lost. As we may already have mentioned, your goal in the Twilight Gap for this bit will be to find 10 of those Fragments. While this won't involve any killing or looting, running aimlessly can be a little bit frustrating so it probably helps to know where to look. You can do a bit of a circuit, so just follow our advice below as to where you can find these Fragments. Each is taken off a body, so you have something to look out for:

  • When you load into the map, circle the rock right in front of you 
  • Look to your right and you'll see a red ledge that's propped up for you to scale
  • Head to the hangar marked 4 and take a right before doubling back outside
  • Go to the hangar marked 3 and look out for a walkway outside it
  • Go to the hangar marked 5 but stick to the fringes of the map until you reach some stairs
  • Go to the upper floor by the 3rd hangar just before entering it
  • Head to the center of the map while remaining on the upper floor
  • Go back to the bottom floor which is underground
  • Backtrack to hangar 5 and the artillery battery that's housed close to it
  • Edge along the lower floor and you'll find a red room 

Hitting each of these separate places in the Twilight Gap Destiny 2 map as part of the Parts Long Lost quest should ensure that you get all the Timelost Fragments that you need to eventually acquire the Devil's Ruin Exotic. Need help with anything else as a Guardian? Check out these tips and tricks that we've put together:

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