Does Nicolas Cage Actually Play Dead by Daylight? – Answered

Do you think Nic Cage would like Solo Queue?

There are very few actors out there that have as varied of a resume as Nicolas Cage. From the wisecracking baby napper H.I. “Hi” McDunnough in Raising Arizona to the brooding and serious Robin “Rob” Feld in Pig, he’s a man of many talents. He’s not even afraid to delve into his own personal love of all things bizarre, as could be seen in The Massive Weight Of Incredible Talent, where he played… himself. Now, he seems to have broken the mold between reality and the virtual world, portraying himself in Dead by Daylight. But, are you ever going to actually play against The Cage himself, or just his persona?

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Does Nicolas Cage Play Dead By Daylight?

Before you get your hopes up that you may accidentally stumble across the Man of the Hour himself, you’ll need to know that he hasn’t played the game before. However, there are a variety of different reasons why he jumped into the Fog in this virtual hellscape, and they’re all surprisingly wholesome.

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One of the main reasons that Nic decided to jump into this virtual world is due to it being a “Museum of Horror”, and one of his favorite genres of film just so happens to be horror. Watching it or starring alongside other talented folk in films such as Mom & Dad, it seems that the inclusion of his favorite horror icon Sadako was reason enough for him to pledge his digital likeness to the property. But, it doesn’t end there.

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While Nicolas Cage himself may not be the gamer we expected, his son seems to be. One of the other reasons, beyond the collaborative efforts that you and your survivor friends need to put forward to survive these Trials, is that “someone very important to him” is a Dead by Daylight enthusiast. Do you think his son is a Nic Cage main, or would he rather not have to deal with the heartbreak of seeing his dad on the hook?

To be fair, the inclusion of Nicolas Cage was the main reason I picked up Dead by Daylight in the first place, and now I’m here writing about check spots and tunneling. I’ve spent far too much time getting engrossed in the multiplayer world that it brings forth, so I guess you could say that Nicolas Cage has hooked me on this one, as well.

While Nicolas Cage has only been around for a little while, his cosmetic choices have easily landed in some of my favorites of all time. No matter if you’ve never touched the game like the man himself or just want to find out more before you jump in for the first time, be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight section below to learn more about this asynchronous multiplayer experience.

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