Does Coral Island Have Cloud Saves? – Answered

The quality of life update everyone with a Steam Deck has been waiting for!

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Coral Island is one of the best island life simulators available to date, full of beautiful scenery, wonderful characters, and ample things to discover.

But it’s been missing a quality-of-life feature that fans have been asking for since its release: cloud saves! Fortunately, Stairway Games have heard our prayers and have implemented cloud saves into the game as of November 3, 2022.

For those not certain what cloud saves are and what this might mean for you, the simple explanation is that Steam will now save your Coral Island save files to the Steam Cloud. Once your file is in the Steam Cloud, you’ll be able to switch seamlessly between systems, like from your PC to Valve’s Steam Deck. You’ll never have to manually transfer your save game files again.

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How to Enable Cloud Saves in Coral Island

The good news is that you won’t have to do anything to take part in this new system. All your save files will sync across all your devices if you’re using the same Steam account. The Steam Cloud should be turned on by default on all Steam clients.

But if you want to check if it’s working, look for Cloud Status “Up to Date” icon next to the Big Green Play button. If it’s “Up to Date”, you’re all set. If not, go into the top menu of your Steam client, select Steam, then select Settings. From the left-hand menu, select Cloud. From here, you should be able to Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications.

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