DMZ Vondel Zoo Dead Drop Location

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Vondel Zoo DMZ
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Dead Drops have always been a great way to reduce weapon cooldowns or complete Faction Missions in the Call of Duty DMZ. In Season 4, players need to find the Vondel Zoo Dead Drop specifically, and I’m here to pinpoint exactly where the container is for your weapons or cash. Here’s the Vondel Zoo Dead Drop location in Call of Duty DMZ.

Where is the Vondel Zoo Dead Drop Located?

The Vondel Zoo Dead Drop is located in the southwest D7 section of the Vondel map in DMZ. This area is simply labeled as the Zoo and you can easily locate it to the west of the Stadium POI on the map. However, this drop is in the heart of plenty of turmoil, so I would be careful as you approach.

Vondel Zoo Dead Drop DMZ Location
Vondel Zoo Dead Drop Location. Image via WZHUB.

When you enter the Zoo, the Vondel Zoo Dead Drop can be found in the bottom left section of the D7 grid. Like other drops, the container looks like a dumpster and this one is located behind a building, next to the main road on the western side of the Zoo POI. The photo above outlines exactly where the container is, so make sure to enlarge that if you want an even easier look at the grid.

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Now that all of the Faction Missions have been reset in the Season 4 DMZ, the Vondel Zoo Dead Drop will be important to find for reputation progress. But missions aren’t the main reason for these drops anymore. With the Wallet in the DMZ now, I like to use any Dead Drop on the map to save some of my cash. More cash in my inventory outside of a match means I can redeploy with far more cash when I really need it.

While you take on some of the new Faction Missions, you can also attempt to unlock some of the Season 4 weapons. I have a guide on how you can extract the ISO 45 in the DMZ so you have another SMG option at your disposal.

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