How to Extract the ISO 45 in DMZ

Fast track the latest SMG.

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When new weapons drop in Warzone 2, one of the fastest ways to unlock them is by extracting with one in the Call of Duty DMZ, and that includes the latest ISO 45 submachine gun. However, extracting with a new weapon is easier said than done, and I’m here to help you pull it off. Here’s how to extract the ISO 45 in COD DMZ.

How to Unlock the ISO 45 in COD DMZ

You can extract the ISO 45 in DMZ by taking the weapon from another player or attempting to take down the Bullfrog Boss in Vondel. When new weapons are released in Warzone 2 and DMZ, they tend to be used as rewards when a seasonal boss is taken down. The Bullfrog happens to be the Season 4 Commander on the Vondel map.

In my first deployment to the Vondel map, I was able to extract an ISO 45 by taking down an enemy squad and looting what they had. Luckily, one of them bought the latest ISO 45 bundle within the store and took it with them into the extraction zone. All I had to do was keep the weapon in my backpack while I extracted in a chopper and then the submachine gun was mine.

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Whether you get the new SMG from the Bullfrog or another player, the weapon will be globally unlocked for use in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 loadouts. Considering how good the Hemlock AR counterpart is, you will not want to wait for the Battle Pass levels to get this in your armory.

One final easy way to extract the ISO 45 in DMZ is to simply have a friend drop the weapon. As long as they have the weapon unlocked, there is no risk to them, and you can simply place it in your bag for extraction. Within minutes, the new SMG is yours for loadouts.

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