Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Forgotten Relics Quest Guide

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Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Relics Quest Guide

Since Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first act concluded in the Remembering update, and with that came a long quest line that involves numerous characters. The Forgotten Relics is one of the gateway missions to access this content, making it a required story quest if you want to finish the game. If you want to learn more, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on completing the Forgotten Relics quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Forgotten Relics Quest Walkthrough

The Forgotten Relics quest line consists of five total missions, with the main quest having the following objectives:

  • Merlin must be done with his investigations by now. Talk to Merlin.
  • Follow Merlin to Mickey’s House.
  • Enter Mickey’s House.
  • Search Mickey’s House to find something imbued with the Forgotten’s Dark Magic.
  • Bring the Forgotten Storybook to Merlin.
  • Search for Forgotten Relics around the Village and uncover the stories behind them.

After this point, you’ll unlock four mini-quests, each asking you to find four relics before returning them to Merlin. Locating all four relics leads to the “The Dark Castle” quest.

Starting the Forgotten Relics Quest

When you first speak to Merlin to begin this quest, you’ll talk about the Dreamscape before he informs you about something he uncovered in Mickey Mouse’s house. You’ll both travel to his house immediately and find a magical purple slash on the building. After a brief conversation with Merlin, he reveals that this is dark magic, prompting you to investigate the home.

Storybook Relic Location

Once you enter Mickey’s house, you’ll find that things are mostly the same. You’ll see his blue bed, red couches, and glass table, all behaving like usual. However, upon looking at the triangle table near the sofas, you’ll see a blue book brimming with dark magic. Pick this book up to find the first of the four forgotten relics, the Forgotten Storybook.

DDLV Storybook Relic
Screenshot by Prima Games

Talk to Merlin once more to discuss what this relic means. Your character decides to speak to Mickey Mouse about this, and, following a conversation with him, this portion of the quest automatically ends. If you can’t complete this part of the quest, raise your friendship level with Mickey to 10 before starting the conversation again.

One relic down, three to go!

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Blanket Relic Location

Before searching for this relic, be prepared to meet the following friendship-level requirements:

  • Olaf – Friendship level 10
  • Elsa – Friendship level 10

Once you reach these prerequisites, head to Frosted Heights and search for the secret room entrance you explored with Olaf in previous quests. You’ll notice that the blue door now has a purple slash above it, similar to the one on Mickey’s house.

After entering this area, turn right and run toward the night thorns and bookshelf. On the floor in the corner, you’ll find a small blue blanket you can pick up. Upon picking it up, you’ll start the quest to speak to Olaf about the relic before conversing with Elsa. If you’re already level 10 with both characters, you’ll quickly talk to them before finishing this mission.

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Drawing Relic Location

Like the previous relic, you’ll need the following friendship level to complete this mini-quest:

  • Scar – Friendship level 10

After reaching level 10 with Scar, head to the Sunlit Plateau and run toward Scar’s home. You’ll spot the now familiar purple slash, indicating that you should go in and see what’s going on. Once inside, you’ll see a lion drawing on the floor, which you can pick up and show to Scar.

If you’re already level 10 with Scar, you’ll talk to him about the drawing before completing this next quest! One more relic to go!

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Beach Toys Relic Location

Last but not least is the beach toys relic quest, which requires the following friendship level to complete:

  • Moana – Friendship level 10

Once you reach level 10 with Moana, head into Ursula’s cave on Dazzle Beach to see the last magic slash of this quest. Inside the cave, you’ll find a pail and shovel, which you’ll have to pick up and show Ursula. Following this conversation, you’ll also talk to Moana about it, wrapping up this final mini-mission!

Once you find the last relic and complete the last mini-quest, you’ll also finish the Forgotten Relics quest line in Disney Dreamlight Valley, leading into the next mission, The Dark Castle!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation platforms. To learn more about the game, check out how to catch squid in Disney Dreamlight Valley, or click the tag below to explore our entire article list!

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