All Forgotten Relic Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The road to remembering begins

All Forgotten Relic Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s finally time to begin preparations to face the Forgotten and restore Dreamlight Valley to what it once was! As you explore the village and find various relics, you’ll dive deep into the memories and thoughts of different characters to uncover their past friendships and circumstances. Things get tough out here; fortunately, you’re here to help. I’m also here to help and reveal more information about these quest items! To learn more, continue reading to discover every forgotten relic location in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Find Every Forgotten Relic in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are four Forgotten Relics you must find in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Forgotten Storybook Relic
  • Drawing Relic
  • Blanket Relic
  • Beach Toys Relic

You’ll also need the following friendship levels to finish each relic quest:

  • Mickey Level 10
  • Scar Level 10
  • Olaf Level 10
  • Elsa Level 10
  • Moana Level 10

With these, each villager will trust you enough to open up about the past and their memories. Without this, you can’t complete the Forgotten Relics quests!

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Forgotten Relic Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Below are the exact locations of all four Forgotten relics in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Forgotten Storybook Relic: Mickey’s house, on top of the triangle table.
  • Drawing Relic: On the floor in Scar’s Cave.
  • Blanket Relic: Inside the Frosted Heights secret chamber, behind a stack of books in the room’s corner.
  • Beach Toys Relic: Inside the cave where you met Ursula for the first time, on the room’s left side.

The four pictures below also show each relic spot!

Once you collect all four relics, you’ll begin various mini-quests with Scar, Ursula, and Olaf to uncover the history of each item.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation platforms. To learn more about the game, check out when Disney Dreamlight Valley will become free-to-play, or click the tag below to dive into our complete content list!

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