Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Dark Castle Quest Guide

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Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dark Castle Quest Guide

It’s time to confront the Forgotten! As you uncover more memories for the villagers and yourself, you’ll navigate the Dark Castle and figure out what’s happening in Dreamlight Valley and with the Forgotten. It is up to you to solve this mystery once and for all, and this mission brings you one step closer to accomplishing this. If you want to learn more, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on completing the “The Dark Castle” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Updated June 23, 2023, by Madison Benson: Added more details to the Mechanical Eye and Frozen Key puzzle solutions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Dark Castle Quest Walkthrough

Below are the exact steps you’ll have to talk to finish the “The Dark Castle” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Bring the Forgotten Relics to Merlin
  • Follow Merlin to the Plaza
  • Talk to Merlin
  • Pass through the portal to the Dark Castle
  • Enter the Dark Castle
  • Pass through the first door to explore deeper into the Dark Castle
  • Something is weird about this door… investigate it.
  • Find something around here to trick the door into letting you in.
  • Talk to the door.
  • Go through the door.
  • Explore deeper into the Dark Castle.
  • Figure out how to get past the second door in the Dark Castle.
  • Pass through the second door in the Dark Castle.
  • Explore deeper into the Dark Castle.
  • This door seems to be missing… Search for a clue.
  • You melted the ice! Get the key.
  • Unlock the door using the key.
  • Pass through the final door in the Dark Castle and face the Forgotten.

Starting the “The Dark Castle” Quest

Immediately after finishing the Forgotten Relics quest line, you’ll unlock The Dark Castle by speaking to Merlin and giving him the four items. After this, you’ll follow Merlin to the Plaza, where you’ll talk to him and watch him unlock a portal to the Dark Castle. Enter this portal to step foot into the main quest area!

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dark Castle Merlin Dialogue
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Navigating the Dark Castle

Once you teleport to the Dark Castle, you’ll find a purple door in front of you. Run to this door and attempt to enter so you can progress further. At first, the door doesn’t believe you are the Forgotten and hesitates to let you in. Go into your inventory and equip the Onyx Crown and either the Raven Wings or Thorny Wings back accessories before talking to the door again. It is still slightly hesitant, but after some back-and-forth, it’ll allow you to enter, leading you to the second floor.

DDLV Navigating the Dark Castle
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Dark Castle Doorine Puzzle

After that little exchange, you’re now on the castle’s second floor! Head up the stairs and run past the campfire until you see a purple door to your right. This door, also known as “Doorine”, wants to eat some food!

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Head back to the table and campfire from before to see a small note nearby. It’ll give you various hints, and using these, we can narrow the dish down to the following ingredients:

  • Thorn Sprout
  • Dark Castle Lettuce
  • Dreamlight Salt

Mixing these three items results in a Night Thorn Sprout Salad, which you can feed to Doorine to progress to the third floor.

Exploring Deeper into the Dark Castle Doorine DDLV
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Dark Castle Missing Door Puzzle

With that done, you’re now on the third floor! Go up the stairs and turn right to find the green door entrance. However, there’s no door here! By reading the note next to the door, you’ll discover that you need the blink of a mechanical eye to progress.

What does this mean, though? You’ll have to use your camera! Take a picture of the door to make it appear, allowing you to enter the next floor.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle Quest Missing Door
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Another door down, one to go!

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Dark Castle Locked Door Puzzle

With another puzzle out of the way, it’s time to venture forward again! Clear out the night thorns to find a locked purple door. You’ll find a lamp on the floor, which you can pick up, and three others stuck in ice. Break these to gain four lights: Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Night.

The exact locations of each lamp are shown in the screenshots below, which you can click or tap on to see in detail.

From here, you’ll also spot the key stuck in a chunk of ice and four pedestals surrounding it. Place each lamp into these pedestals until all four are activated, warming up the ice and releasing the key.

By doing this, the key will fall into a pool of water, which you can fish out and grab before opening the locked door and confronting the Forgotten.

Dark Castle Locked Door Disney Dreamlight Valley
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Confronting The Forgotten

It’s time for the big boss battle! Well, minus the battling part. You’ll find the Forgotten, who’ll approach you and question how you’re here. After this conversation, a series of events that I will not spoil will ensue, completing Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “The Dark Castle” quest along the way! You’ll move directly into the “The Remembered” mission, getting several steps closer to finishing this quest line.

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