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Dewpider Pokemon Sword and Shield Location Guide

by Ginny Woo

Anyone who’s still on that Pokedex collection grind in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the real MVP. We’ve got a couple of months still until the Isle of Armor DLC drops, so technically we’ve got quite a while to make sure that we’re the absolute best like no one ever was at having one of every weird looking cage-fighting animal companion. Here’s our Dewpider Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide if you were after a spider that was also somehow Jimmy Neutron. 

Dewpider Pokemon Sword and Shield Location Guide

Honestly, weird-looking Pokemon appears to be the trend right now. If Eiscue wasn’t strange enough for you – and we’re talking a penguin with an ice cube for a head – then maybe Dewpider is going to fill that bulb-shaped hole in your heart. 

Dewpider, predictably, is some kind of spider-looking freak. We’re sorry to all the arachnid lovers out there but please. Have some self-preservation. It looks like something that could conceivably crawl out of Australia in about twenty years after the heat death of the universe. Dewpider is a Water and Bug Pokemon, and apparently these things live mostly underwater unless they have to surface for food. Here, the Dex entry says that Dewpider “forms a water bubble at the rear of its body and then covers its head with it.” Sinister.

If you want to find yourself one of these, though, you’re going to have to wait for Raining and Thunderstorm conditions for the highest chances of an encounter. In either of those weather options, head to the Motostoke Riverbank and the Stony Wilderness to find a Dewpider that will be between level 26 and level 30. They seem to be more plentiful in the Stony Wilderness, so keep that in mind if you’re desperate to get one without looking too hard. 

Now that you’ve got our Dewpider Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide to hand, all that’s left to do is to uh, lurk creepily around the Wilderness until one pops up with its freakish little air bubble head. That’s it. Want help with something else about the Galar region? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together:

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