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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Unlock Code for all Terminals and Doors

by Prima Games Staff

This article features the unlock codes for every terminal and door in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The game is full of terminals, laptops, and doors just waiting to be opened up with your sweet hacking skills. But, sometimes you just don’t have the right amount of skill to hack your way through the security AI. That’s okay. This guide will feature each and every door, terminal, and laptop code throughout the game, that way you can spend less time completing hacking mini-games and more time getting places.

Due to the many locked items hidden throughout Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we will be revisiting this article every few days in order to offer up the most comprehensive database of unlock codes available on the net. As such, some of this information is sure to change as we find new codes and items to unlock, so check back regularly for more details.

We have broken the following guide up based upon the location and area that the game takes place in. This means you’ll need to locate the things you need to unlock yourself, however, once you have found them, you can easily check the list of codes and passwords below to find the one that you need to get inside.


Rooftop Level 2

  • Storage Room: 4801

Penthouse 1B

  • Atrium Door: 0682


33 Hlavni Apartments

  • Mini-Storage: 4227
  • Mini-Storage: 2913
  • Apartment 201: 6864

Allison Complex

  • Floor 4: 0011


  • Cellar Door: 5622

Dvali Restricted Zone (South)

  • Locked Door: 0311

Government Registration Office

  • Laptop: Samithedog
  • Terminal: 6788

Konycky and Hracky

  • Safe: 2489

L.I.M.B. Clinic

  • Locked Door: 4464

Helipad Area

  • Locked Door: 4465

Palisade Property Bank

  • Evan Prybil Security: 0310
  • Account (Checking Out the Men in Charge): 1363
  • VIP Vault (Row 06, Room B): 5545

Palisade Sewer

  • Level 4 Safe: 4863
  • Level 3 Terminal: 1363

Palisade Station

  • Level 3 Room: 0666
  • Mini-Storage: 2565

Poor Apartments (Jensen’s Apartments)

  • Apartment #22: 0310

Svobody Beer Hub

  • Cellar Door: 1015

Tech Noir

  • Storage: 2469

Time Machine

  • Mini-Storage in Alley: 1984

Toy Factory Restricted Zone

  • Safe in Mini-Storage: 2489

Tubehouse Electronics Store

  • Door: 0310

TF29 Headquarters

Shooting Range Office

  • Safe: 2023

IT Support Office

  • Terminal: 5545

Macready’s Office

  • Laptop: Sharp007

Chang’s Office

  • Laptop: Aphasia5689

Black’s Office

  • Laptop: Origami1970

Golem City

ARC Restricted Area

  • Room 350420: Vm451
  • Mini-Storage: 2544

Dr. Martine’s House

  • Safe: 9990

Exterior Area

  • Terminal on Bridge: 3354

Social Hub 3rdFloor

  • Locked Door: 2046
  • Medical Storage: 6123
  • Police Barracks: 2232


Apex Centre

  • VIP Room, 2nd Floor: 2202
  • CSO Office, 7th Floor: 5395

We’ll continue to update our guide with more passwords, codes, and information concerning the various terminals, laptops, and doors that you’ll need to be able to unlock if you want to experience the full story in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Be sure to check out the official Prima Games strategy guide for more in-depth walkthroughs, augmentation breakdowns, and more.

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