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Destiny 2 The Last Word Guide: Exotic Weapon Quest

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve had your interest piqued in The Last Word by our recent guide on how to defeat Enkaar the Anointed, then you’ve come to the right place. Enkaar is just one piece of a very large puzzle, which you have to put together if you want to earn one of Destiny’s most well-known Exotic weapons. Follow along with our Destiny 2 The Last Word guide and you’ll claim this bad boy in no time at all. 

Destiny 2 The Last Word Guide — The Draw Quest

If you’re wanting to pick up The Last Word, there’s a number of steps that you’ll need to go through with The Drifter’s supervision. He’ll give you a Tainted Hive Artifact to kick everything off, and you’ll be instructed to start exterminating Hive enemies to get the ball rolling here. We’ve set out the quest steps for The Draw below, so you can refer to them at the drop of a hat. 

Tainted Artifact

Speak to the Drifter and pick up the Tainted Hive Artifact which he’ll ask you to cleanse.

The Cleansing

You have to kill Hive enemies, get Solar kills against them, and also take care of three Hive bosses. If you’re wondering how to knock all those things out as quickly as possible, we have one word for you: Mars. Make sure that you have your Solar subclass equipped, a Solar energy weapon, and a Solar heavy. Once you’re locked and loaded, tramp around Mars and take care of the required foes. 

A Cleansed Artifact

Report back to The Drifter with your progress in terms of who you’ve taken down, and he’ll give you something else to do. This time, he’s ordering you to head to the Crucible and the name of the game is reasonably simple: get more kills than other people can get on you.

The Temptation

As mentioned, you’ve gotta make sure that you’re killing instead of being killed. Take out people in the Crucible and play it safe, because each time you die will affect your progress towards this part of the quest. Once you’ve built up the necessary percentage for completion by finishing off others, you can move onto the next step. 

The Damnation

You’ll have to kill a special Hive Acolyte enemy in the Lost Sector here, but doing so will involve killing Guardian Wizards first. This boss can be tough if you’re not watching out for the adds, so just make sure to prioritize them in order to get rid of the shield standing between you and the completion of this quest. 

Sullied Light

You’ll have to do a number of things here which involve a hard focus on PvP: get the Blood for Blood and Best Served Cold medals. The former involves killing someone who just killed an ally, and the other involves getting a revenge kill on someone who has killed you. You’ll also have to accomplish the following in PvE: collecting Etched Crystals from Lost Sector escapees, defeating Hive enemies with Precision damage, and sacrificing Hive bosses who are summoned in witches’ rituals. If this last portion confuses you, don’t worry: you have to complete the Summoning Ritual event either on Titan or Mars, which isn’t too onerous once you think about it. 

The Conversation

This is where you have to kill Enkaar the Anointed by being the quickest draw in the galaxy. First, you’ll have to take out a number of enemies on the Tangled Shore, including an Ogre and a number of Wizards. We have a whole guide dedicated to just doing that, so check it out for specific tips. But if you’re wanting the quick and dirty version, Enkaar has to have his weapon shot out of his hand when it glows, and the same goes for the multiple clones that he summons throughout the fight in the Broodhole where he’s located. Miss your shot, and he’ll kill you. Oh, you also have to use The Last Word for this.

A Darker Path

Take your spoils back to The Drifter and he’ll let you know that The Last Word is for keeps. This is the last step in a decently long questline, though this is far from one of the tougher Exotics to get your hands on. 

Now that you’ve got our handy Destiny 2 The Last Word guide in your back pocket, picking up this particular weapon is just a matter of patience and ensuring that you kick Enkaar’s butt when it counts. If you have any questions about other weapons that you can obtain in Destiny 2, our Pinnacle weapons guide is a great starting point for anyone looking to kill time in the lead-up to Shadowkeep.

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