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Destiny 2’s latest Dungeon, Ghost of the Deep, contains twelve hidden collectables that each provide insight into the lore of the Dungeon. Collecting all of them will also provide a nice boost to the drop chance of the Dungeon-specific exotic; the Strand Trace Rifle The Navigator. Some of these memories can be tricky to track down, so here is how to pick up each Memory of Darkness in Ghosts of the Deep.

Destiny 2: Every Memory of Darkness in Ghosts of the Deep

Memory 1

When you arrive in the dungeon, you are almost on top of the first Memory. Ahead of you is a path, and to the right is a large collection of fallen trees. Pick your way through them and you will drop into an underground structure.

From there, head through the red doorway. At the end of the hall is a pair of benches, and the first Memory is on the right-hand side.

Memory 2

After you have cleared the first encounter, you will continue through the halls of the Arcology until eventually reaching a large drop. Head down and jump through the gap in the grating. Instead of taking the intended path through a tube to the right, go to the far end of the chasm and jump up to a room on the left. Here you will find the second Memory.

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Memory 3

The third Memory is not far from the second. Drop down and continue until you reach a purple room. Hop onto the central pillars and up to a ledge on the left. The memory will be found near some plants.

Memory 4

The fourth memory is at the beginning of the Dive section. Once you take out a group of Hive you will drop down a large hole. When you land you will be at the edge of the next drop, but before you head further, look ahead and leap to the rotating platform. The platform will bring you to the back of the central column where you can easily pick up the fourth memory.

Memory 5

As you continue through the dive section you will splash into the first section of water. The intended exit is a large door with a bright light, but if you look around you will find a second door that is only partially open, illuminated by a red light. Head in here to find the fifth memory. Be aware that you are under a time limit while underwater. Make sure to pick up bubbles to reset your Pressure Resistance meter.

Memory 6

Descend down the Dive area until you reach the first fan that pushes you out of the water. Before heading up, head to an exterior catwalk. The memory should be on the left side. If you can’t find it, check a different catwalk.

Memory 7

Eventually, you will reach an area where you will have to jump out of a cracked window with a red light. You will need to stay on the lip on the outside of the window and follow the path to the left. Be careful because bubbles are limited around the outside, but you will eventually reach the Memory.

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Memory 8

Once you finally break through to the sea floor you will receive the updated objective Reach The Wreckage. At this point, turn back from the intended path and look behind you. There will be a small cave with a light in it. Head in there to collect the eighth memory.

Memory 9

After you have fought a large group of Hive, you will head back into some water. Ahead of you, there will be a bright light from a Hive ship and a bubble at the edge of a cliff. Collect the bubble snf then turn right. Around the corner, you will find the ninth fragment.

Memory 10

You’ll know you are in the right area for the tenth memory when you reach a room with holes along the left side. Hop into the hole that is second from the right across the top and you’ll drop onto a bridge.

To your right, you will see a large drain with water pouring out of it. Jump into the drain to find the tenth fragment.

Memory 11

After defeating Ecthar, you will pass through some water and drop down a hole. At the end of a hallway, you will fight several Hive in a room. Near where you entered the room metal bars are blocking a path. Between the bars, you can find the eleventh Memory.

Memory 12

The final Memory can be found after defeating the final boss and completing the dungeon. During the mission end countdown, make your way back into the room where the Lightbearer Acolyte was during the encounter.

Here you will see a hive symbol with a green ring. Line the ring up with the symbol to unlock a secret path. If you are having trouble aligning the symbols, try standing near the large blue plant at the back of the room.

Once the path is open head, to the end of the passageway until you find a waterfall and some red plants. In a small nook to the right of the plants, you will find the final memory.

And that is all of the Memory fragments in Ghosts of the Deep. Now you should have some interesting backstory for the dungeon, and a nice boost to your chances at getting the exclusive exotic, The Navigator.

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