Secret Chest Locations in Destiny 2 Ghosts Of The Deep

Who can argue with free loot?

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Destiny 2’s latest dungeon comes packed with cool weapons and armor, but to make each weekly run more rewarding, there are two secret chests that can be collected. While these only drop loot you have already unlocked, they can be a good source of extra weapon rolls; always handy when hunting that No Survivors god roll. Here are all secret chest locations in Destiny 2’s Ghost of the Deep dungeon.

Where to Find the Secret Chests in Ghosts Of The Deep

Chest Location 1

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The first chest can be located just before the fight against Ecthar, the second encounter. Once you reach the bottom of the long Dive section, you will emerge out of a cracked window and onto the sea floor once more. You will reach a large cliff you have to jump off of.

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Midway down the drop is a ledge that will bring you out of the water, and put you directly next to the chest. However, if you miss this ledge, you can exit the water and into an area filled with enemies. Clear them out and climb up to an area above you, which is where the chest will be located.

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Chest Location 2

The second chest is located after the Ecthar fight, just before you enter the room for the final encounter. You will jump across a large chasm filled with Lucent Hive, Shriekers, and Wizards until eventually, one large group spawns with a massive Ogre.

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Defeat the Ogre and climb onto the structure he spawns in. The second chest is waiting the in middle of the roof.

These chests can only be collected once per week per character. This means that you can only get two chests on your Warlock, but if you come back with your Titan you can get two more.

Now that you know how to get your bonus loot from Ghosts of the Deep, why not find out how to take down Ecthar, the second encounter of the dungeon?

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