All Deep Dive Secrets in Destiny 2

These Hive Statues aren't ominous at all...

A new season in Destiny means plenty of new secrets to uncover. And for Season of the Deep, those secrets are baked into all those soggy corners of the Deep Dives. Here are all the Deep Dive secrets in Destiny 2 discovered so far.

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All Deep Dive Secrets in Destiny 2

Our first set of secrets involves the aquatic flora you can find in Deep Dives. And, fun fact, collecting these plants will add them to your aquarium! There are six total, but as of week one, they’re not all accessible.

As of June 5, all secrets have now been unlocked.

Table of Contents

How to Get the Twilight Plant in Destiny 2

Our first and most easily accessible plant is the Twilight Plant. Here’s how to get it.

  • You’ll start by accepting Ahsa’s blessing and dropping into the ocean.
  • Once the door to the submerged room is open, look straight ahead and drop.
  • The path will look forked. Take the right path.
  • Follow this path and take the first turn right.
  • You’ll encounter a tunnel.
  • At the end of the tunnel will be a yellow-tipped plant. Harvest it to collect it.

This is our Twilight Plant and the easiest plant to get!

How to Get Twilight Flora in Destiny 2

The second plant, Twilight Flora, is accessible immediately after the first. Here’s how to get it.

  • Once you enter the outdoor underwater section of the Deep Dive, continue as normal.
  • When you’re about to make the last drop and can see the building, get ready.
  • Make the drop, then immediately turn around. There will be a sort of geometric coral against the wall.
  • This is the Twilight Flora. Harvest it.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to see it in your aquarium!

How to Find Toland in Deep Dive in Destiny 2

The next secret is easy to find but extremely difficult to trigger unless you’re on a fire team that talks to each other.

  • When you enter the first room, you encounter combat, just after the outdoor water section, Toland will spawn in the room.
  • He can be in four areas, shown below.
  • If your entire team interacts with him, he’ll trigger a challenge. Completing the challenge will net you higher rewards at the end of the activity.
  • If your team doesn’t interact with him in time, he’ll vanish.

Location 4 will be beneath your feet under the platform.

All Midnight Depths Secrets in Destiny 2

Getting to the Midnight Depths requires successfully refueling your drill twice. Do so, and you’ll be able to unlock these plants.

How to Find the Midnight Flora

Once you’ve completed the drilling section, selected your blessing, and passed through the yellow door, you’ll be able to dive into a new water section. Go through the broken doors and turn left.

On your left, you’ll see a big recess with a fan in it. Do not jump down this hole. Instead, keep going straight toward the far wall. You’ll see a door on the ground.

Drop through it and keep going down. Eventually, you’ll see another door.

Do not go through it!

Instead, look at the ground right before the door. There will be sandy nodes. These are our new Midnight Plants! Pick it up, grab the bubble, and go through the door. This will drop you through the fan and into the next section.

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Midnight Plant

Our next plant comes pretty much immediately. As you drop, you’ll see a pink plant against a stone pillar.

The plant we want is right behind this pillar. It’s pretty difficult to miss once you walk behind the stone pillar.

That’s it for Midnight plants! There are no discovered Hive statues here so far. It’s possible that secret will be revealed at a later point.

All Abyss Depths Secrets in Destiny 2

To get to the Abyss, you’ll need to successfully get through the Midnight depths. Once you’re through levell Midnight, you’ll enter a large, open outdoor arena where you’ll again be tasked with gathering fuel cells. There are three waves of enemies, and three times you’ll need to refuel. Complete all three waves, and the door to the Abyssal depths will open.

The Abyss Fauna is almost immediately available when you start the Abyss section.

Once you’ve selected Ahsa’s Blessing and the door opens, you’ll be presented with two doors of water on your left and right. Select the left door.

Drop into the water, then head to the wall in front of you. Once you reach it, turn left and walk into the alcove. There you’ll find the Abyss Fauna

To find the Abyss Flora, continue the level as normal. But as you reach the second lever on the pillar in the pink cave, wait. It’s in this room, to the right of the pillar, that Abyss Fauna can be found. It’s on a small rock platform and it gives off a soft glow.

It should look like this:

That’s it for the Abyss Flora and Fauna, and marks the end of all the aquarium decoration.

There are three Thrall Hive statues hidden in the Deep Dive activity. You’ll need to find and offer a Broken Blade to each of them to get the Exotic weapon Wicked Implementation. Here’s how to find all three.

All Broken Blade Hive Statue Locations in Destiny 2

Thrall Hive Statue 1

This is the statue closest to the start of the mission and can easily be accessed by yourself. Once you start the mission and accept Ahsa’s blessing, drop into the ocean.

Open the locked door. Go through the previously locked door, turn right, and drop. The path will look forked. Take the right path.

Look for a side path that looks like this.

Follow this path and take the first turn right. You’ll encounter a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel will be a yellow-tipped plant. Look to the right and down. Inside a cave on the ground will be our first Hive statue.

This is where you offer the Broken Blade of Strife.

Thrall Hive Statue 2

The second Hive Statue is only accessible after completing the first drilling section. Shortly after encountering the first Hive statue, you’ll enter a large room. You’ll then begin drilling for coral. Waves of enemies will fall onto your position, including two waves of Servitors. Defeat each wave of Servitors in order to refuel the drill.

Once the drilling is 100% complete, go out into the larger, open area just past the drilling room. On the left side, there will be a platform which has a door. This door will remain closed until the encounter / drilling is complete.

When the encounter is over, go through the door to find the second Thrall Statue. This is where you offer the Broken Blade of Ambition.

Thrall Hive Statue 3

When you’ve completed the second encounter, which has a variety of objectives, you’ll be able to return to the ocean. You’ll know you’re getting close to the third Thrall Hive statue when you have to drop into a large circular hole that has a fan at the bottom of it.

Flip the switch to turn off the fan, then continue sinking. Pick the leftmost path, then keep close to the cliff wall. Do not jump down. Eventually, you’ll reach an alcove which has the last Thrall statue.

Wicked Implements Encounter: Location and How to Complete

Complete the second combat encounter. This encounter takes place in a large, open area where you’ll face multiple waves of enemies. You might have to refuel; you might have to hack. Do whatever you need to do to complete it as normal. No need to get Toland / the Darkness Lure involved, either. There’s no Tier rewards waiting for us at the end of this sunken rainbow.

The third set of Ahsa Blessings will be available once you’ve completed the second encounter. Grab it but don’t descend. Instead, turn back to the main area and take the door to the right, which will now be open.

This door will open at the end of the second encounter

A new room and area will be available. In this new room will be one to three Hive statues. Each person in the activity will need to interact with one of the Hive Thrall statues, ‘carving a path of violence’. When all the people in your party have done so, the barrier on the other side of the water will drop.

Continue forward and you’ll enter a room full of Taken Hive. Kill them, then move forward into the next water section. This water section is a straight line, so head straight then jump down.

First Encounter with Khull, Executioner Knight

The Wicked Implement encounter has two bosses. The first is Kull, Executioner Knight, which you’ll encounter in this cave, along with a host of other Hive enemies. But save your Super, as your base damage to this boss will essentially be zero.

To do effective damage to Khull, you’ll need to kill each of the Servile Minotaur that spawn in. Each time you, or one of your fireteam, kills a Servile Minotaur, you’ll get a buff called ‘Deathly Sharp’. This will increase the amount of damage you’ll do to the boss.

There are three Servile Minotaur and three potential stacks of Deathly Sharp. You’ll need all three buffs to do any effective damage to Khull. And this is the mechanic of the Exotic Mission. Each of the bosses you’ll encounter will require you to kill three specific yellow-bar enemies, who will give you buffs, which are necessary to do damage to the boss.

Once you do enough damage to Khull (about one-fifth of his health bar), he’ll vanish.

Through the Pyramid

When Khull disappears, a new door will open in the cave wall with an eerie (if familiar) grey mist. Go through it to enter the Pyramid.

This section is straightforward. Kill the Taken until they stop spawning. Then shoot the floating stone beneath the stairs and on the altar in the middle of the room.

This will cause the yellow barrier to drop, giving you access to the next boss room.

Second Encounter with Khull, Executioner Knight

Now, here’s where we get to the timed part. You have ten minutes to defeat Khull.

When you enter the next boss room, you’ll find that Khull no longer takes much damage. You’ll need to regain the buffs you had in your last encounter with him.

Kill the Servile Minotaur that will spawn into the room. When that Minotaur is dead, you’ll find another black stone floating near one of the pillars in the center of the room. Shoot this stone and the yellow barriers separating you from the other Minotaur will drop.

Hard to see, but another rock is floating beside this pillar.

Destroy these two Minotaur to get the last two buffs of Deathly Sharp, then defeat Khull.

Final Encounter: Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace

The last encounter is one of the most brutal. You’ll have ten minutes to complete it.

The final boss is Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace, a massive Tormentor. Like Khull, you’ll effectively do no damage to him. And to do damage, you’ll need to find three Honed Minotaur, kill them to get their buff, and then do damage to the boss.

Here’s where the issue lies. The boss arena is a giant maze, and the three Honed Minotaur are scattered around it. You’ll know you’re getting close when a grey icon pops up. Follow this icon to the Servile Minotaur’s location.

Icon indicating the Honed Minotaur and, once all Minotaur are dead, Omen’s location.

Unfortunately, the moment you have the third buff, a timer on them starts. You’ll have 1:15 seconds to do damage to the boss before the buff ends. Once the buff ends, you’ll need to find and kill the three Honed Minotaur again.

Because of that, this is a huge DPS and coordination check. It’s a good idea to have two people already at the Tormentor’s location before you kill the third Honed Minotaur to optimize how much damage you do.

Fail to kill Omen within the time limit, and you’ll be sent back to Orbit. Which means you’ll need to do the first two parts of Deep Dive and all the preceding parts of the Wicked Implements quest all over again.

But it’s worth it, because if you beat Omen, you’ll get Wicked Implements, the Exotic Stasis scout rifle.

If you’re somehow not sick of Deep Dives after that adrenaline rush, there’s plenty more secrets in the deep. Check them all out here: All Deep Dive Secrets in Destiny 2.

If you’ve completed several Deep Dives, you might already be well on your way to completing the Aquanaut Seal. Check out what challenges you have left here: How to Get the Aquanaut Seal in Destiny 2.

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