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How to Get the Aquanaut Seal in Destiny 2

20,000 leagues beneath the methane sea

by Daphne Fama

It’s a brand new season and you know what that means! There’s a whole new seal. Here’s how to get the Aquanaut Seal in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Aquanaut Seal in Destiny 2

 We’ve been in the skies, we’ve been in space. And the last thing we’ve yet to explore? The depths of the methane ocean of Titan. Navigating these dark seas isn’t easy, as the pressure alone is enough to kill us. But perform enough impressive feats and you’ll gain the Aquanaut title.

There are ten Triumphs you’ll need to complete to get it. Here are the ones we know so far.

Weekly WetworkComplete each week of the quest “Into the Depths”
Challenge AcceptedUnlock all Seasonal bonuses earned by completing Seasonal Challenges
Echo RelocationReset your vendor rank with the Sonar Station
Reprised ReckoningDefeat targets with Season of the Deep weapons
Big FishDefeat each unique boss in the Salvage activity.
– Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath – Uorgotha, Scourge of the Deep
Down the DrainDefeat each unique boss found on your Deep Dives. – J4W-S, Wrathborn Servitor
– Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath
– Kelgorath, Taken from Bones
Quantity Over QualityCatch fish at any Fish Pond
Ambitious AnglerCatch an Exotic fish at any fishing pond
Secret Triumph???
Secret Triumph???

It will likely be a few weeks before we pin down exactly what those last secret triumphs are. Historically, they’ve been things that have been unveiled a little later in the season. But you can bet it likely has something to do with the recently returned Titan.

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