How to Disrupt the Ritual in Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep

Crash the symbols

The first encounter in Destiny 2’s latest dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, sets up most of the mechanics you’ll need to clear the rest of the dungeon. In classic Hive fashion, it involves a lot of symbols. Here’s how to Disrupt the Ritual in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon – First Encounter Guide

Upon arriving in Titan’s Arcology, you must find the ritual site. Head forward on your sparrow, and you will quickly come upon a large Lucent Hive structure. Here you can use a Rally Banner to stock up on ability energy and ammunition for the encounter ahead.

Beyond the structure is a pair of Hive Knights; defeating these will start the encounter.

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1) Defeat the Soulfire Binder Ogre

Three paths lead toward the Ritual Site, and enemies will continuously flow down these routes, but first, you’ll need to find and kill a special Ogre. Find and kill the Soulfire Binder Ogre, and a guiding path of green spores will appear. These will point you in the vague direction you need to head.

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Hop on your sparrow and keep your eyes peeled for a large hive symbol floating over an area. Make sure you make note of which symbol it is, as you will need it later. It helps to give these symbols names. I use a combination of Vex, Burger, Flatbread, and Stool, among others, but working out your own calls with your fireteam will be most useful. Once you get close, a number of enemies will spawn. Wipe them all out, and the symbol will disappear, revealing a new green trail to follow. Along this path, several Wizard will appear. I play a Titan, and getting in close to the Wizards and burning them down with a shotgun allows for quick progression.

2) Defeat the Hive Lightbearers

Move to the next area and repeat until a Hive Lightbearer spawn. Defeat them and crush their Ghost to receive the Vestige of Light buff. Remember, you must use your Finisher move on the ghosts to permanently defeat them, otherwise, the Lightbearer will respawn. The buff will last for 80 seconds, and if it is not deposited before it runs out, it will kill whoever has it.

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3) Kill the Wizard and Deposit the Light

Hurry back to the ritual site and locate the Veilweaver Wizard that will have appeared. Killing this wizard will spawn a Deepsight node. When activated, the Deepsight node will reveal symbols on each of the Thrall statues that line the ritual site.

Whoever is carrying the Vestige of Light buff will need to find the statue with the symbol that matches the one being followed earlier. Here, they can imbue the statue with light and remove their buff.

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This will cause the next Soulfire Binder Ogre to spawn, and the process will restart. Repeat the steps until four statues have been imbued with light to complete the encounter. Grab your loot and take a breath before heading deeper into the arcology to find the next encounter.

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