How to Catch the Exotic Fish Vexing Placoderm in Destiny 2

Catching this fish can be a little vexing

The Season of the Deep is full of elusive fish, and a new one has just made its grand, splash debut. Here’s how to find and catch the Vexing Placoderm in Destiny 2.

How to Catch the Vexing Placoderm in Destiny 2

As the weeks pass in Seasons of the Deep, more content is slowly unveiled. The Vexing Placoderm is one fish that appeared fairly late in the season, offering players a chance to add a brand new Exotic fish into their aquariums. But it’s speculated that these fish offer something more than a new set of beautiful fins for your tank. It’s also likely part of an Exotic mission. It’s a good idea to catch this fish sooner rather than later. Here’s how to find it.

As its name implies, the Vexing Placoderm is an Exotic fish that’s exclusive to Nessus. The fishing spot on Nessus is in The Cistern, on the edges of the Pool of Luminance. While the fishing icon on the map seems to imply that the fishing spot can only be in the South, it can also appear in the North.

Screenshots by Prima Games | Red circles mark potential fishing spots

If you’re having trouble finding it, look for the bright blue beam in the sky or the name cards of your fellow guardians. If you can find neither, it’s possible that the fishing pool has despawned because of a Public Event. But don’t worry, it’ll come back soon.

Once you’ve found your fishing spot, get cozy. It can be quite time-consuming to get Exotic fish. I like to pop on a documentary or podcast in the background and just zone out. It’s a great way to kill 30 minutes. Eventually, you should get that Exotic Vexing Placoderm.

With your fish in tow, head over to the H.E.L.M. and deposit it. Doing so will grant you the Broken Blade of Ambition. For what to do with that, check out our guide here: What to Do with the Broken Blade in Destiny 2 – Answered.

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