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Destiny 2: Felwinter’s Lie Quest Guide

by Liana Ruppert

Back in April, we reported that Felwinter’s Lie looked to be returning to Destiny 2 and now it’s here and accompanied by a new quest to undertake: The Lie. It’s a bit of a doozy, but this powerful shotgun is worth it, so for those Guardians that are looking to recapture that glorious magic, here’s what is needed to complete the Destiny 2 Felwinter’s Lie quest. 

Destiny 2: Felwinter’s Lie Quest Guide

The Legendary rifle is a fine addition to any gear slot and is a perfect throwback to the first game since this was such a highly coveted weapon. To get started on this acquisition, players are going to want to pay attention to the Legendary quest called The Lie, which can be acquired after visiting Mars and speaking with none other than Ana Bray. 

Warmind Evaluation

When speaking with Bray, she will tell you that the Warmind Rasputin has some valuable intel that he wants to share, but first the tricky situation with the malicious Almighty needs to be dealt with permanently. The Almighty has been a threat that all Guardians are familiar with throughout Season of the Worthy, so this comes as no surprise, but it will require players to mosey on over to the below locations for Seraph Tower activities to kickstart this quest into gear: 

  • EDZ
  • IO
  • Moon

Update: Bungie changed the multiplier to make it less of a grind, learn more here

Just a fair warning: it’s definitely a grind. A big part of that is that Guardians – as a community – will need to finish 3 million Seraph Tower events in each of the above locations and that’s something that’s going to not be able to be done in a day. But hey, nothing worth having is easy, as the old saying goes. 

One of Many

After the Warmind Evaluation portion is complete, Guardians are going to want to make their way back to Bray on Mars for the next step of Felwinter’s Lie, which will kickstart a new journey with a prompt to speak to Rasputin once more. All done all done? Time for Vostok! 


Vostok is a map that Crucible lovers are intimately familiar with and it’s a part of Felwinter Peak (Felwinter, getting closer!). Other than the PvP activity, Destiny 2 players haven’t been able to explore this location in the sequel since the first game, so being able to stomp to your heart’s content without enemy Guardians on the horizon is a treat. It’s within this location that Guardians will be tasked with investigating “energy signatures” at Rasputin’s behest. Uncover those signatures and then it’s time for the next step. 

Shotgun Telemetry 

Grind part deux. Hope you’re comfy with shotguns (which you should be, given Felwinter’s weapon type), because you’re going to need to gather 1000 kills with a shotgun of your choice before unlocking the next step of the quest that will take players to the Moon Rasputin bunker. If you have it, we recommend the Lord of the Wolves shotgun for its rapid-fire. 

Rasputin’s Moon Bunker | Lunar Trip

Once the 1,000 kills has been achieved, the next part of this quest will task Guardians with heading over to Rasputin’s bunker on the moon where a dialogue will trigger unlocking even more nuance to the reasoning behind this quest in the first place. While obviously nowhere near the levels of an expansion, the small story blurbs also make quests like this worth it even outside of the weapon drop itself. 

Final Step: Warmind Heuristics

The journey to unlock Felwinter’s Lie will be a mission that will task Guardians with investigating “one of Rasputin’s closest-held secrets.” We haven’t quite completed this part yet since the quest just unlocked yesterday and there is a massive grind, but this part will either have the weapon itself delivered in the bunker or could trigger one more story moment before unlocking Felwinter’s Lie. 

And that’s it! That’s what you need to know about how to complete the Destiny 2 Felwinter’s Lie quest! You can learn more about the weapon and how it differs from its Destiny 1 version with our previous coverage here

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