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Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Nerfed For Progression Purposes

by Liana Ruppert

The Destiny 2 The Lie quest gives players a chance to earn the widely beloved Felwinter’s Lie shotgun but many took to the subreddit and online to talk about how this grind seems particularly more “grind-y” than past events. With the task requiring all players to contribute to the Seraph Tower collection, Bungie heard the concerns and announced the recent changes made to make it a little less daunting. 

Bungie took to Twitter to outline some of the changes they’ve made to the Felwinter’s The Lie quest and Seraph Tower difficulty. Of the two changes, Champions will now have a reduced power level and event progression has been tuned to be more effective. The developer team also mentioned that quest progression itself has been given a 5X multiplayer that will see a 10X increase on the weekends where player activity is at its highest. 

While this may sound good to some, others chimed in with their confusion on why the Champions power levels were adjusted: 

While the Champions change wasn’t the most understandable or popular, the multiplayer is the biggest part of this update, since the original quest required nine million individual Seraph Tower completions, while the new adjustments makes it just over 1 million. 

Players have also been asking what the “slightly tuned” means exactly in terms of adjustments, something Bungie hasn’t addressed at this time. Given the amount of feedback about this particular verbiage, it’s likely we’ll see a more in-depth review shortly with another mention in next week’s Developer Update blog spotlight. 

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