How to Check Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Progress

Destiny 2 players have the ability to check precise numbers when it comes to the progress of The Lie quest.

The Lie quest is now live in Destiny 2 and will allow players to acquire the powerful Felwinter’s Lie weapon when it is completed. However, the first part of this particular quest tasks the entire community to complete a total of nine million Seraph Towers in the EDZ, IO, and the Moon. This monumental task is no doubt going to take the community some time to complete. Fortunately, there is a way that players can track the progress of Destiny 2 The Lie quest to see how many more Seraph Towers need to be completed to finish this portion of the quest. 

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How to Check Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Progress

Now, players can check the progress of The Lie quest in the game itself like they would see how any of their quests are fairing. Unfortunately, this only gives you a percentage instead of actual numbers. Those looking for more exact figures can check the progress of The Lie quest by going to the Destiny Item Manager. This application allows Guardians to manage their inventory and check quests from their desktops or mobile devices. It will also provide you with exact numbers regarding the number of Seraph Towers that have been completed when you check the progress of The Lie activity. You just need to click on the progress tab on the menu at the top of the screen and then make your way down to the quests section. 

You will have to sign in to the item manager application with your Bungie account and authorize it through whatever platform you are playing on, such as Steam. 

 Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Progress

If you would rather not sign into anything, players can check the progress of this activity by heading over to This site will also show the amount of Seraph Tower completions that individual players have completed for the season as a whole and a weekly basis. 

There is no doubt that the first portion of The Lie quest is a massive task that will take the effort of the entire community to complete promptly. Still, at least there is a way that players can check the progress of the effort and see how much more they have left to do. 

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