Destiny 2: Transmog, Better Cosmetic Rewards, and More On the Way

That one piece of armor that just looks sweet but you like the stats of that other chest piece even better? Yeah, transmog that, mate, it's all good.

Destiny 2 has come a long way since it originally launched and the journey is far from over. With even more changes ahead, Bungie has revealed a few key adjustments and additions being made to the online game in the coming months, including more customization options with transmog and more cosmetic reward evolutions as well. 

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While Trials of Osiris is still going strong with the addition of the Guardian Games event (which Titans are absolutely obliterating the competition in), Destiny 2 director Luke Smith recently outlined some of their more cosmetic-friendly features that they are working on and tweaks lined up. The team already mentioned previously that they were making major revisions to the Eververse store and pulling away from meaningless microtransactions, but that’s not all Bungie is working on. 

A common complaint is that too many cosmetics in Destiny 2 are limited to the Eververse store and not being applied enough when it comes to in-game content and completion. Instead of the more generic drops that are prevalent now, Bungie is changing how they approach cosmetic rewards both in terms of in-game activities and universal ornaments. 


Smith mentioned in the latest developer update that Bungie is including a transmog system in the online game. For those that don’t know, transmog is short for transmogrification, a feature that allows players to customize their avatars in a way that they see fit without being limited to certain armor or gear types. As a huge World of Warcraft player myself, transmog is a guilty pleasure of mine and my Hunter Guardian could definitely use more customization options. 

How this will work is that players will be able to take a piece of armor they already own and turn it into a “universal ornament.” If you like it you don’t have to put a ring on it, just ornament-fy it instead. Since this option is available now but limited to Eververse-only gear, this transmog change with universal ornaments means that every style will be an option, not just what players scoop up from Tess. 

Don’t get too excited

While this is exciting, especially with how many amazing gear drops we’ve seen thus far, Smith was very clear that this update won’t be happening soon, instead something they are shooting for during Year 4 of the game. While we wish we could have this now, or in the coming months, it doesn’t look like that will be in the cards but with so many system changes, it will be interesting to see the evolution unfold now that the game has renewed life in it following the very public split from Activision. 

Other cosmetic changes

Smith also revealed that players will be able to have a new seasonal armor set every season and will be able to earn those without spending IRL cash in Tess’s shop. So less of a focus on the Eververse store and more of a focus on rewards for in-game activity completion, which is something the team has been talking about – and working on – for quite some time. This change, unlike the transmog addition, will be happening soon. 

Trials, Crucible, Strikes, and more will be getting new armor in the coming months as well in addition to brand new Exotic cosmetics, new Exotic gear, and more reasons to get in there and try to put your best Raid foot forward! 

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