Destiny 2 Laurels Farming Guide

Don those Guardian overalls, farmers, because we're going to be farming some Laurels in Destiny 2 as part of the Guardian Games!

Don those Guardian overalls, farmers, because we’re going to be farming some Laurels in Destiny 2 as part of the Guardian Games! Grinding can be … well, grind-y but there is a way to get what you need out of the Guardian Games event without necessarily having to grind it out in parts of Destiny 2 that you might not fancy. To help make that Laurels grind a little more bearable, here is our Destiny 2 Laurels farming guide. 

How to farm Laurels in the Guardian Games

The Guardian Games event is going on now and you can get started by talking to miss Eva over at the Tower. Trust us, you can’t miss her, she’s directly to your 12 when you spawn at the central social hub. Talk to her to get a special Class Item for the event. You will need to have this Class Item equipped if you want Laurels to spawn.

You can then earn the Laurels by using your class abilities to kill enemies, or by taking out particularly powerful enemies. You will need to gather up 100 Laurels to be able to purchase Contender Cards, and these will give you an activity-specific quest that you can complete.

The best farming spot for Laurels in Destiny 2

The community consensus right now is that the start of the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon is the best place to farm them. With a loadout that will give you plenty of grenades to throw, you can farm endless waves of enemies at what used to be the old Loot Cave on the Cosmodrome while in this activity.

If you don’t want to spend hours sitting outside some dowdy cave in a rusted Russian spaceport, there are some alternatives.

Gambit and Strikes

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Doing Strikes and Gambit is a perfect way to get those coveted Pinnacle rewards in addition to a ton of Laurels and Eva also has quite a few Gambit-specific medals to claim as well to track that progress. For those that aren’t super into PVP, Strikes would be the easier way to go in terms of enemy combatants. You never know what sort of player will be invading in Gambit, so if you’re looking for a less stressful grind, Strikes would be the way to go. This counts for double when it comes to Gambit Prime, yeesh. 


You can get Laurels from running Crucible matches but this is probably one of the least effective means to do it. I’ve been running a lot of Crucible simply because I enjoy it, but it hasn’t been my main source of farming because it’s not quite up to snuff when compared to Strikes or Lost Sectors. 

Speaking of Lost Sectors …

Lost Sectors 

Hope you like Lost Sectors because this is arguably one of the best places to farm, just like the first Destiny. Just like with previous events and the previous game in the franchise, running Lost Sectors repeatedly is an easy and time-efficient way of farming. This is also a great way to knock out a couple of birds with one stone because if you scoop up precision bounties and weapon bounties, the massive amount of rapid-fire enemies makes it pretty easy to cross of some of those items on that to-do list. 

Choose your class carefully 

Keep in mind that when choosing your class you want to identify with during the games should be the one that you want to take the gold when it comes to the Guardian games. Whether you rock that Hunter pride or prefer the ways of the Titan or Warlock, it’s up to you to carry on the torch for who is the ultimate class in Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 Guardian Games are going on now and hopefully, this Laurels farming guide helps! If you’d like any more recommendations, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 hub here for even more tips and tricks, and you can also shout out to us over on Twitter @PrimaGames

This guide was originally written by Liana Rupert and has been updated for the 2022 Guardian Games.

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