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Death Stranding: How to Get BB Pod

by Nicholas Barth

The latest creation from the mind of Hideo Kojima in Death Stranding is now available for players across the world to experience. There are a plethora of mysterious elements contained within the realm of Kojima’s newest title. One of these elements is the Bridge Baby or BB Pod. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the BB Pod and how you can acquire it for your travels. 

How to Get BB Pod in Death Stranding

You will obtain your own BB Pod for the main character of Sam Bridges to use after you first speak with the United States President. This conversation with the President will take place after the first Voidout of the game where players learn that Sam Bridges is a repatriate. A repatriate is an individual who can come back from the other side to the land of the living if they are killed. 

Players will then be tasked with delivering a corpse to an incinerator. Dead bodies must be incinerated in this video game’s world to avoid them from exploding with the power of a nuclear bomb. 

BB Pod Death Stranding

Sam will then find that the character of Die-Hardman placed the BB Pod Igor was using in the set of cargo that had been designated to be destroyed. Once you have completed the mission and returned to the city, the BB Pod will be adjusted to work with Sam and available for you to use throughout the rest of Death Stranding. 

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