Dave the Diver: Dunkleosteus Location and Depth Guide

Find out how to claim the Dunkleosteus for your own.

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Dave the Diver took the world by storm when it first released, combining surprisingly terrifying diving in the ocean alongside a relaxing restaurant management simulation. If you’re hoping to find the Dunkleosteus, you’ve come to the right spot.

Where Is The Dunkleosteus In Dave the Diver?

If you’ve just started Dave the Diver, you’ll need to play for a fair bit longer to get your hands on a Dunkleosteus finally. The Dunkleosteus is located in the Hydrothermal Vents, an end-game location. You’ll need to upgrade your gear to get you deeper than 250 meters if you hope to find and slay this terrifying beast. You’ll generally find this particular creature near the 540-550 depth marker, meaning that you’ll need to ensure that you’re well prepared for the journey ahead before trying to take it on.

Once you have entered the Hydrothermal Vents, you’ll have a great chance to encounter the Dunkleosteus. Once you do, you may notice something about this particular creature that helps it stand apart from other fish you’ve found: it’s coated in natural armor. If you’re hoping to take this creature down, you’ll need to attack it from below, as any attacks to its front or top will just bounce right off of it. Attacking its belly, however, will allow you to deal double damage so you can hopefully eliminate this creature quickly. It’s strongly recommended to tranquilize the Dunkleosteus so you can shoot off attacks in peace.

If you’re lucky enough to get this creature to fall asleep, you can call on your Submarine to come down and live-capture it. Otherwise, you’re going to need to battle to the death against this terrifying creature and hope that you’ve got the skills to pay the bills.

No matter if you’re a seasoned Dave the Diver veteran going in for another playthrough, or you’re just taking your first dip into the waters before you, be sure to check out our Dave the Diver section below. Get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks, and find out how to hire one of the best characters to help you in your Sushi endeavors.

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