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Dave the Diver: How to Upgrade Weapons

Give Dave a boost.

The weapons in Dave the Diver can seem fairly bland at first when it comes to statistics, but there is a way to upgrade your weapons and boost their effectiveness. In this guide, I’ll cover how you can get the upgrades rolling for your favorite tools, and how long it can take to get there. Here’s how to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver.

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Dave the Diver

To upgrade weapons, you have to reach Chapter 2 in Dave the Diver and progress the story with Duff. In the previous hours of the game, Duff supplies you with all the weapon blueprints you need, but the option to upgrade isn’t initially there. As soon as you complete the quest to build the Sea People Translator, the app for Duff will expand.

Just like before, simply open up the phone on your boat with the escape key and select Duff’s Weapon Store app at the top right. Now you’ll be able to permanently upgrade the weapons you have already built with blueprints in the past. However, the upgrades will need a lot more than some gold to build.

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Amethyst Ore is one of the main materials for upgrading weapons in Dave the Diver, and you can find the purple ore in the Blue Hole Depths. Unlike materials closer to the surface, pickaxes are required for ores like Amethyst and Opal, which can be found in the yellow crates scattered around the ocean.

Of course, there are always temporary upgrades found in the weapons crates around the Blue Hole. These are your only option for upgrades before Chapter 2, but they disappear after each run in Dave the Diver.

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