How to Hire Itsuki in Dave the Diver

Is ninja girl that wants to chop sushi a good hire?

How to Hire Itsuki in Dave the Diver

In Dave the Diver, diving and catching fish is only one part of the job. Success in this game also requires proper selection and management of Sushi Restaurant staff. You can reach new employment prospects by placing various types of ads when you can check the initial stats of all applicants.

Itsuki is one potential employee that stands out with her very low stats and cost, but there seems to be more to this strange ninja girl who wants to join Sushi Restaurant – so let’s check out how to hire Itsuki and find out how good she is in Dave the Diver.

How to Hire Itsuki in Dave the Diver

So, to hire Itsuki, you need to post an Internet Ad, which will cost you 400 Gold. When new candidates apply, look at the list and Itsuki should pop up on it. She is a ninja girl with very low stats – at Lv.1 all her starting stats will be at 1, and the cost to hire her will be just 4 gold.

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Is Itsuki a Good Hire in Dave the Diver?

Although she doesn’t seem like a particularly good hire, Itsuki can become one of the best employees you can have in the game if you spend time upgrading her. After the first upgrade to Lv.2, which will cost you 150 Gold her stats will be as follows: Cooking: 24 / Serving: 50 / Procure: 34 / Appeal: 49.

Continuing to upgrade Itsuki to Lv.3 will unlock her first skill Drink Serving, and Lv.7 will add Irresistible Charm skill – which will greatly help in customer satisfaction. If you level Itsuki to the max, that is Lv.20, her stats will be very good: Cooking: 438 / Serving: 932 / Procure: 628 / Appeal: 963.

So yeah, in conclusion, ninja girl Itsuki is indeed a very good hire in Dave the Diver, but you will have to invest in her upgrades.

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