Dave the Diver: How to Catch Tuna

Looks like Tuna is back on the menu!

Tuna Dave the Diver
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After the Jellyfish Event, the Tuna Party gets scheduled for all the workers at Bancho Sushi, and that means you need plenty of the staple sushi fish in Dave the Diver. In this guide, I will go over where you can find Tuna in the Blue Hole, and the depth at which these speedy fish can reliably appear in your own game.

Tuna Location and Depth Explained (Dave the Diver)

Tuna will always appear near the surface of the Blue Hole, and they don’t go any lower than the 50-meter mark. Most of the time, you can find Bluefin or Yellowfin Tuna around the 10-meter depth mark in Dave the Diver, so this should be the first fish you look for when preparing for the party, or simply just increasing your inventory at Bancho Sushi.

When you go fishing for Tuna, you will be able to hear them in the vicinity due to how fast they are moving. There are always at least three swimming together, but the pack can go up to five at a time, which gives Dave a perfect opportunity to stock up on sushi ingredients. However, catching them isn’t as easy as using a harpoon.

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The most reliable way to get Tuna is to use a Steel Net, which can be purchased from Cobra as a consumable item. Place these in the water, directly in the path that the school of Tuna continues to use, and wait for the fish to get trapped. Once they are locked in, you will have at least one drone charge that can lift the live Tuna to the surface.

When you are out of Steel Nets and drones in Dave the Diver, all you can really do is kill the fish. If I know I’m looking for Tuna, I take an upgraded rifle to simply shoot and harvest them as fast as possible. Tranquilizers will also work well, though, if you have the resources and the upgrades available.

Catching Tuna is even easier with the Steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver, so make sure to pursue that tool as well.

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