Dave the Diver: How to Feed Momo the Cat

Unlocking the "Momo's Secret" and "Catman" achievementss

Dave the Diver How to Feed Momo the Cat

While diving for fish in Dave the Diver, you will often find very strange items. One of the rarer ones that can fall out of those red pots you find in the Blue Hole is Cat Food. What can Cat Food possibly be used for? Well, there is a cat called Momo in the Sushi Bar – so let’s find out how to feed it and unlock some achievements.

How to Feed Momo in Dave the Diver

Momo is the black and white cat that can be found to the left sitting on the counter in the Sushi Restaurant, but only during the day. To feed it, once you have some Cat Food with you, just approach it and press the space bar, then select “Feed”.

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How to Unlock Momo’s Secret Achievement in Dave the Diver

Keep in mind that you can only feed the cat once per day, but keep it up for a few days and you will kickstart the “Momo’s Secret” side-quest. Here you will have to follow the cat after your shift ends, just be sure that Momo doesn’t spot you. If done correctly you will unlock “Momo’s Secret” Achievement.

How to Unlock Catman Achievement in Dave the Diver

If you continue feeding the cat, and do it 20 times (20 in-game days and 20 Cat Food cans needed) you will get the “Catman” Achievement.

So there you have it, those would be all the cat-related achievements that you can unlock in Dave the Diver. It’s not that difficult, but just be sure to have enough Cat Food at hand – keep an eye out for those special ingredient caches while diving. Have fun!

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