Dave the Diver Best Staff Employees – Listed

Dave the Diver Best Staff Employees – Listed

How to hire the right staff for your sushi restaurant business

Although in Dave the Diver you normally go fishing alone, another equally important part of the game is managing a Sushi Restaurant where you’ll eventually need to hire some help. Choosing the right employees to hire and investing in upgrades is crucial, so to save you some time, check out some of the best employees in the game that you should hire right away.

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Dave the Diver: Best Staff Employees

See the table below as a quick guide for hiring staff for your Sushi Restaurant. Everyone from this list is worth hiring and upgrading, so choose them according to their stats, skills, and the role you need them signed in.

NameCookingServing Procure Appeal Skills
Billy308616310442Cleaning Master, Tip Master
Il Nino1321033769901Drink Serving Master, Cleaning Master
Itsuki438932628963Irresistible Charm, Drink serving,
Jandi66507375441Wasabi Refill, Tip Master
Maki2100332020Cooking+, Cooking++
Masayoshi786253814378Ingredient Prepping Expert, Dispatch Master
Raptor304910770194Wasabi Refill, Cocktail Serving
Tohoku1294440660264Cooking+, Cooking++
Yone1752330794132Cooking++, Ingredient Prepping Expert

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Yes, there is even Raptor in there! Just keep in mind that you will have to upgrade your employees via the staff training option to unlock both of their initially locked skills.

As for stats, Cooking affects the cooking speed, Serving represents how fast they serve food and drinks to customers, Procure shows the chance for more rare ingredient drops, and Appeal is related to the amount of tips and customer satisfaction.

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