Dave the Diver: How to Get Cuttlefish Skin Fragments

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Cuttlefish Dave the Diver
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Along with having some fairly expensive ingredients in the early game of Dave the Diver, the Cuttlefish contains a skin fragment that is fantastic for weapon upgrades. However, the item is super rare, and getting your hands on a Cuttlefish Skin Fragment can be tough. But there are some great ways to increase your chances.

How to Get Cuttlefish Skin Fragments in Dave the Diver

Cuttlefish Skin Fragments are rare drops from catching Cuttlefish. When you catch them alive, the odds of the upgrade material dropping become much higher. Catching a three-star fish gives you the best chance of getting items like fragments or teeth, but they aren’t the only methods for capturing what you need.

As I’ve hunted for Cuttlefish in Dave the Diver, I was able to earn some Cuttlefish Skin Fragments by simply catching them with a harpoon gun. This won’t be as lucrative as something like the Steel Net, but it’s much better than killing the fish and picking up materials. If you can, I would recommend taking in a Tranquilizer Gun of any kind to put the Cuttlefish to sleep.

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When you manage to get the fragment, you will receive a notification on the bottom left of your screen in Dave the Diver. Once you reach the surface again, all the items you collected will show up in the report. You can then find materials, like the Cuttlefish Skin Fragments, in your main stash on the boat.

I would avoid selling the fragments and take them to Duff instead. At Duff’s Shop, you can use three Cuttlefish Skin Fragments to upgrade the Tranquilizer Pistol. If you want a better chance of catching three-star fish, then this is a great path to follow.

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