Cyberpunk 2077’s Biggest Mystery – FF:06:B5 Explained

A solution almost four years in the making.

Cyberpunk 2077 Laptop Statue FF:06:B5

When Cyberpunk 2077 launched, those who enjoyed the game dove deep into the story, broken crafting system, and the world. Quickly, players noticed an unusual statue in the Corpo Plaza. Later named “Prime” by the community, the statue looms over the street with several Bhikku Monks praying at its feet. With four arms, two holding a sword, one with an orb, and a circuitry-style symbol at its center, the most intriguing part of this statue is the large illuminated letters: FF:06:B5

This was the only significant clue to begin the hunt for answers, and it did not take long to work out that FF06B5 is the hex code for the color Magenta. Various theories began to appear here, but none seemed to lead anywhere concrete. It wouldn’t be until 2022 when the next clue would appear. 

What is FF:06:B5 in Cyberpunk 2077?

To preface all this, this is a catalog of the information uncovered by the FF:06:B5 subreddit, which has worked diligently to solve this mystery since Cyberpunk 2077 first launched. So what is the mystery? Has it been solved? Is there a reward at the end of it?

The Witcher

In The Witcher 3’s Next Gen release update, a symbol appeared on the wall of a new secret area. One of an ouroboros, a snake eating itself perpetually. At its center was a magenta symbol, which matches the circuitry at the center of the FF:06:B5 statues. Several runic symbols appear around the symbol, but these wouldn’t be solved until later. 

The 2.0 Breakthrough

When Cyberpunk 2077 released its 2.0 update ahead of the release of Phantom Liberty, it added a significant piece of the puzzle to help solve the FF:06:B5 mystery. In the middle of the Biotechnica protein farms, an old church has been renovated with a fresh new interior. This church is where the Nomad lifepath ends when Jackie crashes V’s car into the garage beside it. The church has several server racks, a central laptop, and an old arcade machine. 

Reading the messages on the laptop suggests that others are also working to solve the FF:06:B5 mystery, with some reference to the subreddit and their theories. The two most important names in the emails are Polyhistor and Tyromancer. In their discussions, they mention a keyhole they took for a wall that was a door. 

Arasaka Tower 3D

This brings us to the arcade game. The game is unique and is not seen anywhere else in Cyberpunk 2077. Arasaka Tower 3D is a Wolfenestien 3D-inspired FPS that casts you as Johnny Silverhand attempting to escape from the Arasaka HQ before the nuclear bomb detonates. Within the game, several secret doors appear as ordinary walls. While several contain only in-game boosts, a couple on floor 52 contain server rooms with numbers on the walls, which can be seen here. One is 940204, and the other is 941229. On the game’s final scoreboard, three names are of note. Polyhistor has a score of FF06B5, while MRPHY (presumably famed Netrunner Spider Murphy) has 940204, and BLCKHND (presumably Morgan Blackhand) has a score of 941229. 

After accessing the 940204 server room, players can find another hidden doorway on floor 52 marked by the same numbers. After walking up to this number and returning to the 941229 server room, players’ HUDs will update with a lock symbol after a short wait. 

After this, players can return to the secret wall marked with 940204 and find several walls marked with 0 – 9. 

On the side of the arcade cabinet is a scratched-out number, and the community brute forced their way to the code you need to enter: 240891. Walk up to each number in order, and a key should appear on your HUD for each correct input. Once the code is entered, a secret level will become available, and exiting the level as usual will take you to floor -10. 

Floor -10 is a labyrinth that must be navigated within a time limit. The community has kindly provided a map to aid those trying to get through. Several parts of a QR code throughout the maze also led players to a Python script that played an unwinnable tic-tac-toe game. 

After finishing the secret level, you can complete the arcade game as usual. However, when you return to the church, a keypad will be on each server rack, ready to receive a code. Before the 2.1 patch, CDPR had made a mistake at this step in the puzzle, leaving no organic way to uncover the codes to the keypads. Some players managed to circumvent this using modding tools, but with 2.1, the codes were changed to something that could be solved. 

The Laptop

Shortly after 2.0 was released, Reddit user S1RCRU2 found a laptop in the vast Night City landfill. On the laptop was an ouroboros, and a series of symbols appeared and disappeared. When this was combined with the symbol from The Witcher 3, u/Til_W, Tokyo_Jinx, and Fuji were able to decode the laptop to provide eight numbers: 00255, 00006, 00181, 00051, 00091, 00240, 00270, and 00420.

Once each number was entered into the corresponding server, a new message appeared on the laptop within the church. The new message contained a file showing a successful decryption of the server group, revealing a set of coordinates. This also adds a waypoint to your map, pointing to a location in the Badlands. 

The Wait

There is nothing of note at the location, but waiting on a nearby mattress for a considerable amount of time (Reddit user u/Til_W waited 30 minutes) will cause a cutscene to play, which can be seen here. Once the cutscene is complete, players will have a brand new car to cruise around Night City. 

While this appears to be the end of the FF:06:B5 mystery, it still leaves some questions unanswered, which will probably be pondered on the subreddit for years…

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