Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get into VIP in Cloud (Automatic Love)

I would never let you into my VIP. We are enemies...

When you think of intimacy in Night City, your mind should jump to Clouds. It’s a unique experience, where Joytoys, with chips in their neural system, give you what you truly need. Sometimes, that means giving you a foot to worship. Other times, it’s letting you process your impending death. And it’s where Evelyn fled after everything went to hell. But to find her, you’ll need to get into VIP. Here’s how to get Cloud’s VIP in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get into VIP During Automatic Love

Evelyn’s not easy to track down. But after speaking to Judy (who you can romance), the braindance editor in Lizzie’s, you learn that Evelyn has returned to her old haunt, Clouds.

Clouds is a brothel that offers an expensive, tailored-made service. Sometimes, the product is a conversation. Other times, it’s distinctly more physical. After V pays the fine and speaks to her provider, you’ll learn that Evelyn’s best friend, Tom, is upstairs in VIP.

And getting into Cloud’s VIP is easier than you might think.

Head towards the doors bathed in pink neon. A bouncer will prevent you from going up, and he’ll get hostile if you try.

Instead, enter the dimly lit short hall to the door’s left. You’ll see another dark, bathed in blue light. Enter it quietly.

You’ll find that you’re in the men’s bathroom, and a man is at the urinal. Crouch and approach him quietly. Once you’ve snuck up behind him, use your grab attack to knock him unconscious or kill him. No judgment here.

Loot his body to find the VIP Token.

You don’t have to hide him. Instead, leave the bathroom and approach the doors again. This time, the bouncer will let you in.

Worth noting is that upstairs is where the iconic Katana Cocktail Stick is. You won’t be able to grab it once you leave this mission, so be sure to visit the makeup room!

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