How to Get All Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty

Sure, you COULD go for the most DPS. Or you could pick a weapon that will get you banned on Twitch.

Best Tech Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk gives you no shortage of ways to kill, maim, or otherwise remove the consciousness of the enemies you find. But some weapons are simply unique. You might even say iconic. Here are all the iconic weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.

All Iconic Weapons and Where to find them in Cyberpunk 2077

It’s likely you’ve stumbled across an iconic weapon as you’ve played the game. But if you’re hoping to trick out your armory with only the best, most unique murder contraptions, this is the guide for you. Note, there will be minor and major spoilers here and there. But those spoilers will be marked, in case you want to skip them.

All Iconic Weapons Found During Main Campaign Missions

These weapons can be found only while completing the main quest. Here they are in temporal order. This section will have CAMPAIGN SPOILERS, as many of these weapons are looted from bodies.

The Pickup –

Crit Chance, damage type and status effect application are randomized every time you reloadObtained by killing Royce. Getting this weapon prevents you from getting Doom Doom later in the campaign.

The Heist

Thanks to highest-grade mods, the user can take advantage of ricochet technology even if they do not possess the required cyberware. Reduced recoil and an increases rate of fire make up for the smaller magazine size. It’s as deadly as it is elegant.Found on the nightstand by Yorinobu’s bed.

Thrown hits with Nehan to always apply Bleeding. If an enemy is already affected by Bleeding from Satori, Nehan will cause hemorrhaging instead, which will heal you equal to the damage dealt by the Bleed.Looted Sanburo’s body.

Reduced base damage but very high Crit Damage multiplier.Before you take the Relic from the safe, head upstairs in Yorinobu’s room. You’ll find it on the landing pad.

Automatic Love –

Fires 4 projectiles per shot in a diamond pattern, compared to the base Omaha which 3 projectiles per shot in a triangle pattern.In the basement of Lizzie’s, in the dead end room between the stairs and Judy. Open the door to find the gun on the table..

Cocktail Stick
It has a unique modifier that increases dismemberment chance by 300%.Found in the make-up room in Clouds club. To get there, access VIP, then go through the ‘No Entry’ door. The makeup room is across from where you enter. The weapon is on a desk near Evelyn’s jacket.

The Space in Between

Deals electrical and chemical damage. Small chance to apply Poison and/or Shock.Found in Finger’s bedroom on the table.

Disasterpiece –

Wielding Errata allows you to leap towards enemies by holding down the attack button. Attacking Burning enemies guarantees Crit Damage.Found at the forge (literally in the fire) inside the Electric Corporation power plant. You can return to the plant after the mission is done. No rush!

M’aap Tann Pelen –

Butcher’s Cleaver
Increases Bleed chance. While an enemy is bleeding, your attack speed is increased and melee attacks consume less stamina.Can be found in Rolland’s Butcher Shop, after Placide finishes butchering a chicken.

I Walk the Line –

Sasquatch’s Hammer
Adds a chance to 30% knockdown chance to Fast Attacks. This chance is increased to 50% on Strong Attacks. Due to the weights added to the weapon, it’s attack speed is reduced by 66%, but base damage is multiplied by 200%.Can be looted during the fight with Sasquatch, or at the end of the mission if you used stealth

Ghost Town –

Widow Maker
Fires two projectiles per shot and deals Chemical damage with an increased chance to apply poison. Charged shots deal more damage.Can be found if you kill Nash and loot his body during the optional fight alongside Panam, after retrieving her car. If you opt to skip this fight, you can find it after the final confrontation with the Raffens, after V gets out of the Basilisk.

Gimme Danger –

Prototype: Shingen Mark V
Fires explosive rounds. The modified automated targeting system guides bullets to up to three targets while aiming.During the mission, head into shipping container 667, in the warehouse’s loading bay. There’s a boobytrap inside!

Play it Safe –

Fires four rounds per shot. Increases ammo clip size, projectile speed and can target up to six targets simultaneously. Bullets deal additional electrical damage with an increased chance to apply Shock.Found behind the closed door on the way to second sniper. This door is on your right once you get out of the elevator. To get inside the door, you’ll need a Technical Ability of 11 or you can input the code ‘2906’ in the keypad on the right wall.

Crit Chance increased to 100% while Kerenzikov is active. Final combo attack damage doubled as standard. But quadrupled if the target has more health than you.Dropped by Sandayu Oda.

For Whom the Bell Tolls –

Fires piercing projectiles.Can be picked up from behind the bar at the Afterlife.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door –

Increases Crit Chance by 10% and Headshot Damage Multiplier by 50%, while also adding a 5% chance to Stun an enemy.Can be obtained after the fight with Adam Smasher.

Caretaker’s Spade
Increases Health regeneration by 100% after successfully hitting an enemy.Leaning against the rocks at the central area of the Arasaka Tower jungle floor, near the conference table.

We Gotta Live Together –

Increases fire rate by 60%, decreases reload time by 20%, bullet spread by 65%, aim-down-sight time by 50%, recoil by 50%, and effective range by 25%.You must shoot between 12 and 16 bottles during Cassidy’s shooting challenge in the Nomad Camp.

All Iconic Weapons Found During Side Missions in Cyberpunk 2077

Like the main campaign iconic weapons, expect to see some spoilers here.

Venus in Furs

Sir John Phallustiff
A unique modifier that allows it to deal additional Physical and Electrical damage as well as having a higher chance to apply Bleed and/or Shock.Obtainable only if you sided with Meredith Stout / Militech in The Pickup main mission campaign. Found on the bed in the hotel room.

Stadium Love –

Divided We Stand
Can target up to five enemies simultaneously. Deals chemical damage with a chance to apply Poison.Winning the shooting contest during Stadium Love. Can also be looted from the sixers.

A Like Supreme –

Reduced recoil. Deals electrical damage with a chance to stun targets.Given by Kerry after the Samurai reunion concert.

Following the River –

Allows the user to charge up the weapon while aiming down sights, making the weapon fire automatically after 0.5 seconds, while the trigger is being squeezed or until the cylinder has been emptied. Additionally, it decreases recoil by 40%, bullet spread by 50%, and fire rate by 20%.River gives it to you.

Second Conflict –

Doom Doom
Adds an additional four projectiles per shot fired. Additionally, damage, rate of fire, and dismemberment chance have been increased at the cost of increased recoil and spread.Obtainable only if you didn’t kill Royce in The Pickup. Looted off of Dum Dum’s body. Possibly a random drop.

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat
Adds a 80% chance to apply Bleeding, and a 20% chance with normal attacks and a 25% chance with heavy attacks to apply a Stun.Can be found in the pool at Denny’s villa, after the argument where she tosses it aside.

Losing My Religion –

Deals thermal damage with an increased chance to apply burn. Reduces bullet spread and increased bullet impact, at the cost of high recoil.Can be found on a table near the monk you need to rescue during SJ-06.

Concrete Cage Trap –

Sturdy design and Tiny Mike’s mods – on explosive combination. Bullets detonate knocking down enemies while the final one always deals critical damage.Obtainable from the concrete cage trap, but only once you’ve gotten to Tiny Mike in the bathroom. It’s on the left side, on top of the sink.

Chippin’ In –

Malorian Arms 3516
Both a power and tech weapon. This allows it to use ricochets as well as object penetration. It replaces the default quick melee action with a fire “breathing” attack that is produced by the cartridges loaded inside the pistol.Taken from Jeremiah Grayson.

Ex-Factor –

Death and Taxes
Allows bullets to split into two halves, increasing the chance it will hit a target. It also deals additional Electrical damage.Can be found in Maiko Maeda’s office in Clouds. If not obtained during Ex-Factor, it can be picked up from Judy’s Apartment after Maiko sends a message to her computer.                   

Pyramid Song –

Suited for high reflexes. Low reload speed. Modded barrel reduces spread while aiming.You’ll get this shotgun after two-weeks of in-game time once the mission is completed. You’ll get a text letting know when you can pick it up.

Beat on the Brat: Champion of Arroyo –

O ‘Five
Adds explosive tips to weapon ammo.To get this weapon, you’ll need to beat Buck. To get him to put the sniper rifle on the line, you’ll need at least 5 Body attributes to get the dialogue prompt. After that, you’ll need to bet 18,000 eddies. Once Buck agrees, you’ll need to beat him to claim the rifle.

Riders of the Storm –

Increases reload speed and grants a custom silencer.Given as a reward for saving Saul.

Problem Solver
Increased mag size and fire rate.Dropped by a Wraiths Boss Hunter.

War Pigs –

Monitors its user’s vitals. When Health level is critical, fire rate, reload speed and damage are increased. Charged shots deal twice as much damage.Must have selected the corpo lifepath. Looted off of Frank’s body.

Machine Gun –

Artificial Intelligence incorporated that talks to you.Can be found on the ground at the beginning of the side job.

Big in Japan –

Increases electrical damage. While Sandevistan cyberware is active, increases Crit Chance by 50% and hits apply bleeding.Reward for completing the quest.

I’ll Fly Away –

Deals additional chemical damage with a moderate chance to apply Poison. Reward for completing the quest.

The Hunt –

Tinker Bell
Deals less damage, but with a chance to knock out a target using a Strong Attack.Can be found inside the hidden room in Peter Pan’s farmhouse. You MUST find it once you gain access to the house, as the house will become inaccessible later.

Pisces –

Slightly increases Electrical damage and grants a small chance to apply Shock to the enemy. Non-standard attacks deal more damage.Can be looted from the room you meet Maiko and the Tyger Claw bosses.

Send in the Clowns –

Ozob’s Nose
Has roughly 50% more blast radius than the normal F-GX frag grenades.You get this weapon spec after completing the quest.

All Craftable Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

To craft these unique weapons, you’ll need the Grease Monkey or Edgerunner perks.

A unique mod that allows you to fire high-penetration rounds.Craftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Vice Control.

Moron Labe
Increases fire rate. Chance to dismemberCraftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime in West Wind Estate.

Psalm 11:6
Pure hellfire. This gun deals additional Thermal damage, greatly increasing the chance to apply burn.Craftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Just Say No.

Bullets can ricochet off surfaces.Craftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Modern Labor Market

The Headsman
Increases the number of projectiles per shot from 6 to 16, and has an increased chance to dismember enemies, as well as an increased chance to apply Bleeding.Craftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Privacy Policy Violation.

Able to ricochet multiple times, after penetrating walls.Craftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: New Boss, New Rules

Comrade’s Hammer
Increases damage by 50%, has an additional 25% chance to apply Burn, and makes rounds fired explode on impact.Craftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Arroyo

Ba Xing Chong
Adds explosive tips to each Smart projectile, highly increasing the chance to dismember enemies.In a locked room on the Ebunike, found in a locked chest. You can access this chest after defeating and looting Adama Smasher and getting his Access Token.

Deals additional Electrical damage with a chance to cause EMP explosions on bullet impact.Craftable after looting the spec from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Living the Big Life

All Iconic Weapons Obtainable After Completing All Gigs

Certain unique and iconic weapons can only be obtained after you’ve complete all the gigs for particular fixers. These are the iconic weapons we know about so far.

El Capitan

Bloody Maria
Increases knockdown, bleeding and dismemberment chance. It’s going to be a mess.Given by El Capitan after finishing all his Gigs.

Padre –

Every subsequent hit increases the chance of setting the enemy ablaze in Seraph’s cleansing flames. While on fire, bullets inflict addtional damage. Does not synergize with mods.Given by Padre after finishing all his Gigs.

Wakkako –

Byakko is perfectly balanced, allowing to jump the enemy and attack them with full force. Its incredible sharpness increases bleeding chance.Given by Wakkako after finishing all his Gigs.

All Iconic Weapons Found in the Open World

Look, I know I’ve said spoilers here and there. But now I really, really mean it. If you don’t want pivotal spoilers, which include some pretty big deaths, skip this section.

Let the lead fly! Shoot faster, deal more damage… accuracy be damned. Just don’t shoot your eye out.Found in Corpo Plaza Park.

La Chingona Dorada
Reduced reload time and extra mod slot. Higher chance to apply burn and stun.Found on Jackie’s offering table after you’ve completed the Hero’s side mission. Only available if you sent Jackie’s body back to his family.

Plan B
Bullets have a high chance to apply bleeding, but keep an eye on your wallet! Every shot costs you eddies.Found where Takemura shoots Dex in the badlands, after completing Playing For Time.

All Iconic Weapons You Can Purchase from Vendors

What, a whole section of iconic weapons where there are no spoilers? Amazing! Let’s dive right in.

Dying Night
Wilson’s Lexington gives you the additional hope of seeing yet another Night City sunrise. Increases damage while moving and guarantees Shock with rapid hits.Pick it up for free from the gun vendor outside of V’s apartment. Obtainable once you can free roam in Act 1.

Blue Fang
Enemies hit while in combat by a headshot will be stunned after a delay of 1 second, while normal attacks will stun after a delay of 3 seconds. Enemies attacked outside of combat will get stunned immediately. It deals additional Chemical damage and has an additional 15% chance to Poison.Can be purchased from the Melee Vendor in the Badlands.

Marks enemy on hit. Attacking the head with any weapon deals 250% damage, returns to the headhunter and clears the mark.Can be purchased from the Melee Vendor in Pacifica, West Wind State.

All Phantom Liberty DLC Iconic Weapons and How to Find Them in Cyberpunk 2077

Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC, comes with a host of new Iconic weapons. There are 33 new iconic weapons. Here’s how to get every last one.

OrderCharging this weapon above 66% vaporizes any enemies in your path, leaving an EMP trail behind it.Purchasable from Herold the Black Market Vendor at the EBM Petrochem Station in Dogtown.
AgaouThis one will have ‘em shakin’ in their boots. Crit Hits with throws emit a shockwave that can damage multiple enemies.Lootable from the boss in the Increased Criminal Activity event on the upper level of the Luxor High Wellness Spa in Dogtown.
CarmenArms and legs… who needs ‘em? Shots to limbs have an increased Crit Chance. Weapon handling is improved while running, jumping, or sliding and simultaneously increases damage and Bleeding.Found during the Gig: Balls to the Wall. Tell Paco to run for the hills. He’ll reward you with the assault rifle after you’ve smuggled him out.
DezerterThis shotgun’s extreme firepower pulverizes everything in its path. Neutralizing an enemy engulfs you in flames, except when your health is low, granting you movement speed boost and increased mitigation chance.Found during GigL: The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman. Put the gun to Rinder’s head and he’ll get you the key to his stash where the shotgun can be found. However, this may be bugged. If it is, and you kill him, you’ll be able to buy it at the Black Market vendor.
LaikaGrants a chance to inflict a unique burn on the enemy. Shooting an enemy affected by this burn always deals Crit Damage. The more enemies simultaneously affected by this burn, the more Crit Damage you deal but at the cost of accuracy.Found randomly in air drops.
AlabaiGrants a chance to inflict a unique burn on the enemy. Shooting an enemy affected by this burn always deals Crit Damage. The more enemies simultaneously affected by this burn, the more Crit Damage you deal but at the cost of accuracy.Found randomly in air drops.
TaiganGrants a chance to inflict a unique burn on the enemy. Shooting an enemy affected by this burn always deals Crit Damage. The more enemies simultaneously affected by this burn, the more Crit Damage you deal but at the cost of accuracy.Found randomly in air drops. Climb to the top of the green tower to collect it.
CheetahThe nearer the target, the greater the Crit and Bleeding Chance. Hits to an enemy’s torso also deals more damage.Obtainable if you decide to kill Angie during the quest No Easy Way Out. Loot it from her body.
VolkodavGrants a chance to inflict a unique burn on the enemy. Shooting an enemy affected by this burn always deals Crit Damage. The more enemies simultaneously affected by this burn, the more Crit Damage you deal but at the cost of accuracy.Found in a crate during the Gig: Waiting for Dodger.
RoscoShoot an enemy first in the leg and then in the head to neutralize them on the spot. Headshots against enemies lying on the ground always do Crit Damage.If you opted to kill Dodger during the Gig: Waiting for Dodger, you can loot this weapon from his corpse.
OgouFires a burst of two explosive rounds. Hits have a higher chance of dismemberment. Each dismemberment increases Crit Chance and chance to apply Bleeding.During the Gig: Treating Symptoms, defeat the robot RMK2. Loot it from its corpse.
RiskitWhen your health is very low, weapon handling is improved and hits are crits.During the Gig: Shot By Both Sides, you can let Dante kill Bree and loot it from Bree’s body. Alternatively, if you kill Dante, Bree will leave the gun on a crate in the room.
Ol ReliableSwapping to this weapon greatly increases headshot damage and effective range. The farther the target, the greater the headshot Crit Chance.During the Gig: Shot By Both Sides, you’ll need to kill Dante and loot it from his body.
PizdetsThanks to Boris’s mods, the longer this weapon fires, the greater the Crit chance. Comes with its own custom silencer.During the Gig: Spy in the Jungle, kill Ribokov and loot it from his body.
Baby BoomerHas zero tolerance for losers. Every consecutive attack in a combo Increases Crit Chance.During the mission Dazed and Confused, tell Lina “Convince him that he’s a clone…” She’ll give you Baby Boomer.
AmbitionComes with a unique Zetatech scope. Hits have a chance to apply Blinding and bonus headshot damage for the its duration.During the Gig: Prototype in the Scraper, rescue Hasan. He’ll later contact you and give you the weapon.
MancinellaHeadshots have a chance to apply poison. After entering combat, your stealth damage bonus remains momentarily active.Obtainable after visiting Mr. Hands at Heavy Hearts and acting the Run This Town quest.
Hercules 3AXHas a chance to severely poison enemies. Neutralising an enemy causes them to explode and leave a pool of acid.During the Gig: Roads to Redemption, you can find it in the armory. Sort of tucked away in a cubicle in a weapon box.
CrimestopperRounds have a chance to disable cyber-limbs, immobilising the enemy and increasing crit damage. Crit chance is momentarily increased after equipping this gun.During the Gig: Heaviest of Hearts, it can be found in the DA’s VIP Suite on the upper floor of Heavy Hearts.
Gris-GrisEach hit has a chance to upload a random quickhack to an enemy. The stronger the quickhack, the lower the chance.During the Gig: Treating the Symptoms, grab Slider’s Hideout keycard in the office of the Voodoo Boy’s base. Go to Slider’s Hideout. In the same room where you found the server boss, go to the upper floor which is now open. Gris-Gris is inside the case on the table.
Sparky Emits electric bolts on headshots. At the Increased Criminal Activity Zone in Terra Cognita, clear out the enemies in the space convention center. Once you’ve killed everyone, go up the escalator close to the main entrance. Then, enter the shop. The weapon will be in a case.
RaijuShots do not require charging to penetrate obstacles. Headshots have a greater Crit Chance.In a locked room near the Kress Street Fast Travel Point. To enter the room, you’ll need to defeat the Criminal Activity event boss to get the access key.
Kyubi x-MOD2150% headshot damage multiplier. 25% armor penetration.Found in the rancid green pool opposite of the Golden Pacifica fast travel point. It’s very deep.
Cut-O-Matic x-MOD2The unsettling noise this weapon produces willFound in South Dogtown, Pacifica, closed to the Increased Criminal Activity. Go behind the spaceship statue and you’ll find a short path that leads to an alcove. The weapon will be embedded in a head.
HawkHeadshots temporarily weaken and mark enemies. 
Her MajestyWhile Optical Camo is active, this weapon’s shots gain perfect accuracy, guaranteed headshot crits, and increased damage. It also has a unique silencer.During the mission Get it Together, Alex will give it to you. UJnmissable.
RasetsuTsunami is once again a leader in arms tech innovation. Why? Charged rounds now penetrate through enemies and will bend their trajectory to hit multiple enemies simultaneously.During the quest You Know My Name, access the sniper nest. The gun will be there.
NDI OSPREYFires a powerful series of explosive rounds. Headshots increase damage from hip firing. Neutralizing multiple enemies increases reload speed and chance to apply burning.During the Birds with Broken Wings mission, get it from the case in the armory in Alex’s safehouse.
Bald EagleAfter throwing the knife, Fang, into an enemy’s leg, shooting the same leg will shred it to pieces, and return Fang to your hand. Effective against moving targets.Side with Reed then kill and loot it from Kurt Hanson when you’re escaping the stadium.
FangThrown hits cripple the target enemy, preventing their escape. Continued attacks in close combat increases damage.Side with Reed then kill and loot it from Kurt Hanson when you’re escaping the stadium.
Wild DogRepeated hits increase fire rate and crit chance. Quick melee attacks deal massive damage when ammo is empty.Side with Reed then kill and loot it from Kurt Hanson when you’re escaping the stadium.
Murphy’s LawHits against a knocked-down enemy increases attack speed. Strong attacks deal more damage.Side with Songbird then kill and loot it from Murphy when you’re escaping the stadium.
PariahThis weapon is silent. Headshots reduce charge time and increase reload speed.During the Killing Moon quest, you must have sided with Songirbd then killed an important character to loot it from their body.
ErebusActually just the spec. You’ll need to craft it.If you opt to follow Reed in the main story, the spec will be in the metal box on top of a desk in a sealed-off room.
CrowbarTrust as always.Found in a box near the start of the tunnel when you drop underground during the main mission “Somewhat Damaged”. To get this mission, you’ll need to support Reed.

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