Can You Turn Off or Hide Legs in CS2? – Answered

Careful not to shoot yourself in the leg there, bro.

Can You Turn Off Legs Hide UI CS2
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One of the “realism” features added to CS2 is that you can see your legs when you look down. This was not a possibility in all previous iterations of Counter-Strike (CSGO, CSS, CS 1.6). When you go down a ladder on Nuke or aim down at Vertigo, your vision might be slightly blocked, which you might not be fond of. Many players wonder if you can turn off or otherwise hide your legs in CS2, and we’ll find out in this article.

Is it Possible to Turn Off, Hide, or Disable Leg View in CS2?

At this moment, turning off your legs in CS2 is impossible. Even if there were a console command for this, it would be cheat-protected, and you would not be able to use it during a competitive or Premier match. If you’ve run into a prank video that shows ohnePixel being trolled and then him subsequently trolling others the same way by “pressing F10 to hide legs in CS2”, please know that that’s all it is — a prank.

Why Isn’t It Possible to Turn Off or Hide Legs in Counter-Strike 2?

Your reaction might be similar to Christian Bale’s in American Psycho, but it is what it is. Valve has decided to crack down on many customization commands that Counter-Strike veterans cherished and used for decades so that every player would be forced to play the game the same way. Currently, we do not have:

…so it’s no wonder that we cannot turn off a part of our model. Hooray, realism! I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any of these options making their comeback to CS2, and sadly, we have to adapt to the new stuff Valve is implementing in Counter-Strike 2.

A couple of good changes you might want to explore would be the refund purchases option and the follow recoil option.

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