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Should You Use Follow Recoil Crosshair Option in CS2 or Not?

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One of the fantastic new options in CS2 is the “Follow Recoil” option for your crosshair. Seasoned Counter-Strike veterans might condemn you for even looking at this option in the menu, but all gatekeeping aside, is “Follow Recoil” actually good or not in CS2? I have subjected myself to playing CS2 with Follow Recoil crosshair for a week, and here’s what I’ve experienced in the test.

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How Does the Follow Recoil Crosshair Option Work in CS2

The premise of the Follow Recoil option is simple: When you shoot your weapon, your crosshair will move around the screen to indicate where the next bullet will go. Essentially, it will draw the recoil pattern of your weapon. Try it out by standing still and shooting a full magazine. Before, you had to learn the spray patterns on a training map and drag your mouse to the recoil’s opposite direction to “compensate.” Now, this job is much easier for you. This has divided the community so much that some players believe it’s terrible for the game. In contrast, others claim it’s a brilliant addition. Let’s discuss this further.

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Is the Follow Recoil Crosshair Option in CS2 Good for the Game or Not?

Valve currently has two big games: CS:GO (soon to be CS2) and Dota 2 (we’ll disregard Team Fortress 2 during this article). Both of these games have a highly complex learning curve. They, of course, could be more beginner-friendly since there’s so much to learn before being able to become competitive. Valve seems eager to attract more new players with this option (and a few more) so that people do not quit the game after losing consistently, because nobody likes to lose. Nobody is forcing you to use this option if you are a seasoned veteran who spent thousands of hours on recoil practice maps. Your muscle memory is already trained, right?

Should You Try the Follow Recoil Crosshair Option in CS2 or Not?


Try it in a deathmatch setting for a couple of matches, at least. It’s a pretty good feature for AK-47, Galil, M4A4, M4A1-s, FAMAS, and SMGs. For pistols and shotguns… it could be better. There’s no harm in trying, however. My first contact with CS happened in 2001, and I simply love this new option. Even though I have spent many hours practicing recoil patterns in CS:GO, this option definitely helps me subconsciously, and I am getting better results in the Premier mode.

I plan on sticking with this option in the future. Still, I do not have unrealistic expectations that I will be able to blast out a full magazine of an assault rifle in one spot with this aid. Short bursts of 5-6 bullets should be more than enough to neutralize an opponent. If you are grasping at straws to control the spray of like 20 bullets to win a duel, you’ve already lost most of the time.

If you’ve had issues with cheaters in CS:GO, there will be some improvements in CS2 regarding VAC, so check out how Counter-Strike 2 will deal with cheaters.

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