How to Refund Purchases in CS2

Pawn shop within CS2, who would have thought?

How to Refund Purchases in CS2
Image via Valve

In one of the better additions to the game, CS2 now allows players to refund purchases during buy time each round. If you have made a mistake or are offered a “drop” by your teammate, you can now sell the stuff you’ve bought and save the money for times when you will need it the most. Here’s everything you need to know about how to refund item purchases in CS2 and the rules for this process.

How to Undo a Purchase in CS2

To refund a purchase you’ve made, you need to press the arrow located in the bottom-left corner of the button of the item that you’ve purchased (and which is eligible for a refund. As pictured in the screenshot below, I’ve bought a P250, Flashbang, and HE Grenade for the pistol round.

CS2 Inventory Refund Purchase
Screenshot by Prima Games

Why Can’t I Refund an Item I Bought in CS2?

When it comes to refunding stuff in CS2, there are some rules which I will gladly explain to you below:

  • You need to be the original purchaser of the item, meaning you can drop a gun for somebody, and then that person can drop it back to you. You can then sell it while you’re holding it.
  • You cannot sell stuff you kept from the previous round.
  • Refund of the item/weapon needs to be done during the buy time period, which is visible at the top of the shop at all times and within the borders of the buy area.
  • If the weapon was shot from, it’s no longer refundable. You break it, you buy it.

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