Can You Marry More than One Companion in Starfield? – Answered

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In Starfield, you can start a romance with four different characters. If you manage to get under your favorite Companion’s skin, you may even be able to marry them! But if you want to know if you can marry more than one Companion in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place.

Can You Marry Multiple Companions in Starfield?

Officially, you cannot marry multiple Companions in Starfield right now. When you tie the knot with either BarrettAndrejaSam Coe, or Sarah Morgan, that’s it. You must break up with your Companion first if you want to try your luck with someone else.

Before attempting to romance anyone else, I advise you to save the game before breaking any hearts. During research for this guide, I tried to romance someone other than my Companion, but Andreja stepped in, expressed her discontent with my actions, and emphasized that we are exclusive.

Reddit user InvincibleHacker claims that they managed to marry both Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan, and showed a screenshot having both Companions’ exclusive wedding gifts as evidence of this. I have not replicated this successfully in my playthrough (yet), so this might be a Bethesda bug for all we know.

Bethesda may change this in the future with a patch or a DLC, or perhaps the modding community will beat them to it. We’ll update this guide if that happens.

If you want to check your odds with the Companion you are trying to romance on PC, find out how to check Companion affinity in Starfield.

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