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Borderlands 3 Unseen Threat Legendary Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re looking for something to make you even deadlier on the battlefield of Borderlands 3, then do we have the thing for you. We’re talking about the Borderlands 3 Unseen Threat legendary, which rewards your particular brand of bloodlust with the impunity to, uh, kill even more people. Pretty rad, right? Here’s how to get it. 

Borderlands 3 Unseen Threat Legendary Guide

Not quite sure why you would want to add the Unseen Threat to your arsenal of weapons, then we can help there. The special weapon effect for this particular sniper rifle is called “Taste their fear”. What this does is pretty simple: if you get a critical hit, the Unseen Threat will fire out homing bullets (3 of them) directed at the closest foe. If you manage to score a crit on someone and it kills said enemy while you’re scoped in, then you’re going to get a cool effect that gives the weapon its name, essentially: nearby enemies won’t be aware that you’re kicking around and murdering them. Talk about handy!

This Legendary is basically one that we’d consider essential if your chosen strategy when taking out enemies is to snipe them from afar and to play this as closely as possible to Mordecai in the other mainline games. For that reason, it’s going to have a pretty niche use (or be downright useless in some close-quarters, mandatory fights) but when you have the leisure of picking out how you want to take down enemies, this is both a safe and utterly lethal way of dispatching your chosen foes. 

Now, you’re probably want to know how to actually get the Unseen Threat. Well, it’s actually pretty easy. For one, it has an increased chance to drop from one boss in particular from the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC. We’re talking about Amach, who’s a Farseer with a penchant for, well, sniping. This shouldn’t come as any surprise considering the nature of the Unseen Threat, but if you’re not so keen on actually tracking him down and fighting him, it’s also obtainable from pretty much any loot source in the DLC, so you can pluck one right from the ribcage of a cultist or just kick open a chest while you’re looking for things to bring to the nuptials. If you want some tips on how to defeat Amach, we actually have a whole guide on that just for your viewing pleasure

if you’re not entirely sold yet on picking up Borderlands 3’s DLC, then why not have a look at the promotional material for Guns, Love and Tentacles below? If it wasn’t enough to be ushering in a new horizon of love for some of our favorite NPCs ever in the game, the fact that it’s just adding to your looter shooter fun should honestly be sufficient, don’t you reckon? We’ve got an example of said cool loot here with our guide on how to get the Nothingless Legendary weapon if you’re so inclined – we’ve relinked it here for your convenience

Once we’ve convinced you, come and pick up a copy of the game yourself using this Amazon link to support Prima Games at the same time. Talk about handy, yeah? Once you’ve had a browse and you’re enjoying your taste of the Vault Hunting lifestyle, come back to our dedicated guides hub for the game and check out the variety of tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for players like you to look at:

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