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Borderlands 3 Science Arcade Rewards List

by Ginny Woo

If you’re out looking for something to do in Borderlands 3 that isn’t just mindlessly gunning down bunch of enemies, why not do something a little more charitable and take one for the team when it comes to science? Yeah, sure, minigames aren’t as high-octane as killing an Old God, but maybe you should take it easy since you’ll have something to gain from it. Here’s our Borderlands 3 Science Arcade rewards list if you’re motivated. 

Borderlands 3 Science Arcade Rewards List

So you’re wanting to know a little bit more about how your slaying (er, scientific) endeavors are going to actually help science? Well, the Borderlands 3 Science Arcade (which has come hot on the heals of Slot Machine Mania and Trials Take-All – events that we’ve covered over here for your convenience) is going to help you assist scientists at McGill University, the UC San Diego School of Medicine, and Massively Multiplayer Online Science. While you map out how the human body works in the new mini-game to hit Borderlands 3, we’ll be doing the work for those organizations in a way that’s more efficient than getting computers to map them independently. Talk about cool, yeah? If you’re unsure about what the Borderlands Science experience is going to be, check out the trailer below.

Now, for why you’re really here. If helping humanity out isn’t enough, gamers are obviously going to get in-game rewards for participating in Borderlands 3 Science, and the rewards are as follows. We’ve also briefly cracked on to why we think they’re cool in terms of the bonuses that they offer:

  • Brain Nanobots:+25% XP from combat – active for 2 hours
  • Lucky Jabber Foot: +100% cash acquired – active for 2 hours
  • Caffeine Caplets:+10% reload speed, +15% run speed – active for 2 hours
  • Jabber-cola: +10% damage dealt – active for 1 hour
  • Elemental Powder: +25% Elemental chance, +10% Elemental damage – active for 1 hour
  • Butt Stallion Milk: Upgrade loot quality – active for 1 hour

Now that you have our Borderlands 3 Science Arcade rewards list to hand, it should be a little bit easier for you to keep track of what you’re actually working towards when you’re cracking through this pretty worthy initiative. We’re pretty stoked to be coming out on the other end of helping people with real world studies, so hey, that’s kind of like a reward in itself too. If you don’t yet own a copy of Borderlands 3, you can pick it up using this Amazon link here – you’ll be able to support Prima Games at the same time which we reckon is pretty neat. Once you’ve done that, pop back here into our dedicated guides hub to check out the variety of tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for Vault Hunters just like yourself:

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