Borderlands 3 Ten Gallon Legendary Guide

What's better than a gun? A gun that comes with a drone, that's what. Here's what we know about the Borderlands 3 Ten Gallon Legendary.

If you’re looking for something a little bit cooler than a regular gun in Borderlands 3, then why not check out a gun that spawns a drone that also shoots at your enemies? We won’t get too complicated, we promise, but doesn’t it sound cool? Here’s what we know about the Borderlands 3 Ten Gallon Legendary guide

Borderlands 3 Ten Gallon Legendary Guide

So, you’re curious about what the Ten Gallon Legendary has to offer. Well, you’re not alone. We’re honestly just trying to figure out why it’s called that in the first place. This particular Tediore Legendary submachine gun is pretty great in the sense that it provides with two avenues by which to shoot at your enemies. Yes, you heard right. We’ll go into a little bit more detail. 

The Special Weapon Effect of the Ten Gallon is called “Let me tell you about my best friend”, and it’s cool because while the gun has a reduced fire rate, it has increased damage. When reloaded, the discarded gun will become a drone that shoots at enemies in the direction that you’re facing, with every reload after that serving as ammo for that drone. You lose your ability to damage enemies with a reload throw. We honestly reckon that the trade-off is acceptable mainly because of the fact that you pick up this trailing drone that essentially sticks around so long as you keep mowing through bullets and yeah, you will. So long as you’re not rotating weapons out, you’ll be having a good time enjoying the increased damage of both the tone and the Ten Gallon. 

If you’re wondering how to get your hands on the Ten Gallon, though, we have some bad news. It’s a totally random drop from any loot source in the world, which means that you have an equal chance to get it out of an enemy’s butt as you do from snipping your way through a boss in its entirety. We do think that farming a boss is the quickest way to get any Legendary, so we would definitely recommend the Graveward – and we have a guide right here that we’ve put together on how to defeat it. Once you’ve narrowed down who you want to farm, it’s just a matter of persistence.

Now that you’ve got our Borderlands 3 Ten Gallon Legendary guide in hand, you too can get two weapons for the price (?) of one if you’re dedicated enough at farming. Sounds fun, right? Not yet an owner of Borderlands 3? You can pick it up using this Amazon link here – you’ll be able to support Prima Games at the same time which we reckon is pretty neat. Once you’ve done that, pop back here into our dedicated guides hub to check out the variety of tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for Vault Hunters just like yourself:

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