Defeating Gmork in Borderlands 3

If you want a piece of the Nothingness, you're going to have to take some advice on defeating Gmork in Borderlands 3. Otherwise, it's kicking open portapotties on Pandora for you.

We’re definitely going to recommend that you keep your wits about you when it comes to taking down the new baddies in Borderlands 3‘s Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC. Don’t let hunting for loot blind you to obvious dangers. Speaking of foes, here’s our guide to defeating Gmork in Borderlands 3

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Defeating Gmork in Borderlands 3

You might be here because you have a particular thing against Wolven type enemies (the latest to be introduced with the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC). Alternatively, you might just be here because you’ve heard on the grapevine that Gmork drops quite the formidable weapon for you to pick up. If it’s the latter, then you’ll be one of the many Vault Hunters chasing the Nothingness, a Legendary shotgun that does explosive amounts of damage – we have a guide on how to get it right here for you, as well as more on why we reckon it’s handy. 

This is probably a common sense thing, but defeating Gmork in Borderlands 3 is probably the most efficient way to get the Nothingness because of its increased drop rate from this one boss in particular. However, you don’t want to go in unprepared, so here are some tips from us on how to take down Gmork. You can find Gmork in Cankerwood on Xylourgos, and we’re going to note one thing off the bat – Corrosive type damage here is going to be your best friend. Gmork sits near the center of the webbed map of The Cankerwood, inside a valley that you have to enter in order to find him. 

  • As mentioned above, you’re going to want to bring Corrosive damage to this particular party
  • Gmork gains a shield over time, so you want to focus on burst damage
  • Keep it up by taking some kind of bullet hose with you if you think that timing is going to be an issue
  • Stay at a distance and don’t get hemmed in

Now that you’ve got our guide on defeating Gmork in Borderlands 3, it should be a lot easier for you to handle this particular Cankerwood menace. We don’t think it’ll take too much time for it to spit out the Nothingness, so hopefully you’re not stuck in those gloomy surroundings for long. Not yet an owner of Borderlands 3? You can pick it up here via this Amazon link and support Prima Games at the same time if you like. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the Vault Hunting lifestyle, come on back to our dedicated guides hub and check out tips and tricks that we’ve put together for players like you:

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