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Borderlands 3 Hunter-Seeker Guide – Getting This Grenade Mod

by Ginny Woo

Not all of us are cut out for romance! While the Broken Hearts Day event is still in full swing in Borderlands 3, if you don’t think that hearts are all your style then you’re probably after the old-fashioned looting shooting experience. Well, the looting part, that is. Check out our Borderlands 3 Hunter-Seeker guide to get your mitts on this sick grenade mod to treat yourself. 

Borderlands 3 Hunter-Seeker Guide – Getting This Grenade Mod

Valentine’s Day can be about self-love too! Sure, you might not be able to hand your loot off to someone else, but why be a normie and chase hearts like every other Vault Hunter? Forget about looking for hearts – the Hunter-Seeker is a grenade mod that prides itself on, well, being a homing drone.

Yes, you heard that right. The Hunter-Seeker Legendary grenade mod has a special weapon effect which we guarantee is going to be a hit. It’s called “Grip tightly” and its flavor text demonstrates that while the mod has greatly reduced blast damage, it launches a drone that homes in on enemies while shooting which means that it’s more of a portable turret than something that you want to rip and throw. 

This Tediore grenade is a reference to the iconic Dune where someone struggles with getting hold of a drone. To ensure that your enemies don’t slip from the grasp of your damage when you’re using the Hunter-Seeker, you’re going to want to treat it like having a secondary gun instead of yelling “fire in the hole” and chucking it willy-nilly at something that’s stared at you the wrong way.

Now, if you’re sold on the Hunter-Seeker grenade mod, you’re probably curious about where to get it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at things), there isn’t just one particular boss or location that this mod drops from. You have an equal chance to get it from some Psycho’s backyard as you do from taking down a boss like Graveward, so our recommendation would be to actually farm the latter as it’s an easy and quick grind compared to other world alternatives. Keep at it and if you’re lucky, you’ll pick up your very own Borderlands 3 Hunter-Seeker grenade mod for keeps! 

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