Borderlands 3 is often best enjoyed when you are creating multiple Vault Hunters and experiencing all of the gameplay options that the looter-shooter has to offer. However, many players become quickly frustrated with the fact that they would have to watch all of the game's cutscenes again when they are on their second and third characters when they already have seen them and want to move through the game faster. Fortunately, a new update has provided players with the ability to skip cutscenes, and it is not difficult whatsoever. 

How to Skip Cutscenes in Borderlands 3

You or the host of your multiplayer session only needs to do to skip cutscenes in the popular title is press any key or button during the cinematic. This action will bring up a prompt that will ask you to confirm that you want to skip this particular cutscene. Vault Hunters can skip all of the cutscenes in the title. This means you now do not have to worry about having to sit through the opening cinematic for the 100th time with the ability to now pass through these parts available for you to take advantage of going forward.

 skip cutscenes borderlands 3

This may not be a massive feature in itself, but it is a significant quality of life upgrade for players who are making many Vault Hunters in the latest entry in the fan-favorite franchise. 

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