The universe of Borderlands 3 has a wide array of powerful weapons that Vault Hunters can use to take down all of their enemies. One of these powerful weapons available for players to obtain and use in battle is Vosk's Deathgrip. Fortunately for you interested folks, we have everything you need to know to add the Vosk's Deathgrip weapon to your inventory covered for you.

Vosk's Deathgrip Borderlands 3

Players will see that Vosk's Deathgrip is a legendary shotgun manufactured from those not so lovely people over at Maliwan. This particular legendary shotgun can be obtained through a couple of different avenues. It has the chance to drop from Troy Calypso in The Great Vault on Pandora and from Wotan the Invincible and the Valkyrie Squad in the Midnight's Cairn activity with Mayhem Mode 4 is activated. 

One of the more unique aspects of the item is its ability to fire a volley of projectiles that create beams of the weapon's particular element. Vosk's Deathgrip also has an alternate fire mode that allows it to fire a disk at enemies that creates a singularity. 

Vosks Deathgrip Borderlands 3

(photo courtesy of Fandom)

These two unique aspects make the legendary shotgun an excellent weapon when it comes to crowd control. We all know the struggle of having to fight off hordes of enemies when trying to take down a boss, and this particular weapon will no doubt help you and your fellow Vault Hunters manage these annoying enemies in a much more relaxed manner. 

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