The universe of Borderlands 3 contains a vast array of unique and powerful weapons that allow Vault Hunters to destroy their enemies in dominating fashion. One of these weapons is the Lead Sprinkler legendary assault rifle. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about to get your hands on the Lead Sprinkler legendary assault rifle covered for you. 

Borderlands 3 Lead Sprinkler

This particular weapon is manufactured by the good people over at Jakobs and packs a serious punch. Vault Hunters can acquire this specific weapon from any loot source in the looter-shooter. However, it does have a higher chance of dropping from Billy, the Anointed boss. This boss can be found on Jakobs Estate on the planet of Eden-6. 

 Borderlands 3 Lead Sprinkler

The Lead Sprinkler possesses the unique ability of Splish Splash. This Splish Splash ability causes body shots to spawn a single explosive pellet that arcs downwards from the enemy. A headshot with this ability causes three of these explosive pellets to generate. 

Players will see that the Lead Sprinkler is a very effective weapon for crowd control and will help deal with all of those annoying additional enemies that come and try to take you down when you are fighting a boss. There is no doubt that this legendary assault rifle would be an excellent addition to the inventory of any Vault Hunter. 

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