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Borderlands 3 Cutsman Farm – Getting This SMG

by Ginny Woo

So, you’re on the hunt for more weapons to add to your arsenal in Borderlands 3. Maybe interior decorating your room on the Sanctuary has been a bit too downtempo for your tastes. That’s fine, we get it. What fun is a looter shooter if you haven’t got a whole ton of things to do said shooting with? Here are some of our tips on the Borderlands 3 Cutsman farm if you’re chasing that SMG.

Borderlands 3 Cutsman Farm – Getting This SMG

Not sure why some people are coveting the Cutsman. Well, this Maliwan submachine gun is a pretty coveted pickup because it’s what we like to call a boss-killer: it can hit a boss multiple times because of the spread of its bullets.

Essentially, its special weapon effect is called “Little android man, born without a soul” and it means that bullets will rip right through enemies and stretch horizontally. As you can imagine, taking down any boss that’s the size of most of your screen in real-estate (and there are definitely a few that fit this criterion) will be a piece of cake with this bad boy. Fun fact: the name of the weapon and its effect both reference the Cutsman song by Horse the Band.

Now, you’re wanting to know how to crack onto that Borderlands 3 Cutsman farm. Well, we’ve got some good news for you: while the gun can drop from any random loot source, it actually has an increased drop chance from a very familiar face. Yes, we’re talking the Borman Nates boss kicking around Promethea and the Meridian Outskirts. We actually have a whole other guide on finding him for your reference. Essentially, you’re going to want to keep farming him until this particular weapon drops since your odds are improved using this method. 

Need help with something else that isn’t the Borderlands 3 Cutsman farm? We’ve put together some tips and tricks specifically for Vault Hunters which you might find helpful:

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